It is time to take the complexity out of leasing a vehicle. If you have had bad experiences in the past with leasing a car, we have good news. Zoomr is ready to make this process easy to understand, convenient for the buyer, and transparent from start to finish. Zoomr has a fresh approach that they want to share with their clients.

Zoomr is reinventing the car lease business by bringing innovation to the lease process. Instead of having client manage a mazy path of prospective car lease dealers, we do the work for you. Our network of dealers is committed to offering the best deals and the best pricing for our clients. Zoomr is all about the deals; by handpicking a network of brokers and dealers who want to have your business, we are certain that you will receive value for money when you lease your vehicle.

Why Zoomr is Unique: our innovation lies in our business model. Neither an auto dealer nor an auto broker company, Zoomr has created an effective platform for dealers and brokers to interact directly with clients who are in the market to lease an automobile. They want your business and will compete for it with great pricing on high quality automobiles. Our unique approach to the leasing business makes us like no other vendor.
Another innovation that makes us unique is home delivery. You read this correctly: we will ensure that the vehicle of your choice arrives at your door at a time and address of your choosing when you sign the lease. This is just another way in which Zoomr sets itself apart from our competitors.

You may already have a strong preference your desired vehicle. If you do, we will ensure that no option goes unexplored in our quest to deliver that make and model to you and at the best possible price. We can do this due to our connections with our network of leasing vendors.

How Do We Get These Prices For You? In order to get you the maximum amount of options for your price range, we obtain as many bids from dealers and brokers as we can to bring you low prices on your vehicle of choice.

Time is of the essence: we save you not just money, but time. We can do this because we use our contacts and expertise to negotiate the best deals on behalf of our clients. Let us engage in the haggling and back-and-forth; you have better things to do.

Newark Car Leases and Newark Car Lease Deals

What is a Car Lease?
If you ask a random person to explain a Newark car lease, they will probably describe it as something like a long-term car rental. While somewhat correct, an auto lease has other factors in play. When a driver leases a vehicle, they become the lessee and pay money to the lender or broker (the lessor) in order to drive the car off the lot. Prior to this, both parties sign a contract that dictates how many miles the lessee may drive annually without incurring additional fees. This makes sense as more driving can hasten the deprecation in a vehicle’s value. There are instances when such lease changes will be agreeable to both sides.

Why Lease An Auto?
There are many reasons to lease a vehicle. It can be cheaper to lease an automobile rather than to purchase one brand new off the auto lot. You are able to make lower monthly payments for a new car of the make and model of your choice. Leasing can also mean that there is a lower down payment at the time of signing. When getting into the driver’s seat of a new car, leasing can often be the less expensive option.

The worries involved with expensive vehicle maintenance are not a factor when you lease. The lessee is responsible for the usual upkeep that keeps an auto roadworthy but the vehicle warranty often supersedes the lease agreement; this leave the lessee off the hook for costly repairs. The worries of a car turning into a lemon the moment the last payment are non-existent when you lease.

Another advantage is being able to drive a new vehicle more frequently. Buying a vehicle often means that the owner will continue to drive an older vehicle after it is paid off. The buyer is then responsible for selling it for whatever a buyer is willing to pay or accepting depreciation on the vehicle when trading it in for a newer car.

Vehicle Lease Essentials:
Here is what you need to know in order to have an excellent leasing experience. Let’s go through this point by point.

The Vehicle Sales Price: the sales price is important because the initial sales price dictates the amount of your lease payment. The lower the sales price, the lower the lease payment.

The Importance of the Residual Percentage and Amount: This is based on depreciation of the current value of an auto at the time you decide to lease. A higher residual percentage means a slower rate of depreciation. If you lease through us, we can show how this can lead to lower monthly payments.

The Mileage Allowance: This is not unlike renting a car in that the lessee must be aware of how many miles he can drive in a year without incurring any additional charges. As these are based by the mile, we will work with you in determining a mileage allotment that suits your driving needs. From there, we can show you how not to incur extra fees.

Disposition Fee Clauses: Unlike renting a car, when you return a vehicle at the lease’s end, you pay a fee to the lessor. This surcharge covers the expenses the lessor will have in preparing the car for further leasing or eventual sale. This largely unavoidable surcharge generally runs between $300 and $500.

Auto Purchasing and Auto Leasing:
Now, we would like to further outline the differences between buying a vehicle and leasing a vehicle. We at Zoomr want to ensure that you have all the information to make the best decision for you and your driving needs.

Owning and Leasing: What’s the Difference?
However you finance the purchase of an automobile, at the end of the day (or loan), you own the vehicle free and clear. If you take out a loan, the bank owns title to the car until you finish the payment schedule. This is not the case when you lease. The owner of the vehicle is the lessor you make the lease payments to. However, because you do not own the car, your monthly payments will be lower.

Considering Up Front Costs: Unless you are paying cash for new automobile, you will need to arrange financing in the form of an up-front payment. This can include cash or the trade-in value of your current vehicle; often, it will be both. Your credit rating and other factors also affect this initial cost.

Conversely, you have more freedom in selecting your monthly payments when you lease. You are responsible for the initial security deposit, an acquisition fee, the first monthly payment, and any other taxes and fees due according to the lease terms and conditions. Yet, pay more at the initial signing, and you may end up with smaller monthly payments over the course of the lease.

Vehicle Equity and Time: The price you will get for your now used car when you sell is dependent on a number of factors which you do not control. You may control how well you maintain the vehicle and choice of make and model, but you cannot control what someone is willing to pay. When you lease, you have no such worries. When the lease ends, you are free to choose another new vehicle when you return your vehicle.

The Last Payments: When you buy a car, you own the vehicle upon payment of the loan. The bank’s title reverts to you and legally you can do anything you like with your vehicle without needing permission from any entity.

When you get a Newark car lease, you have the freedom to negotiate a lease on a brand new vehicle when you return the current one. If there is a purchase clause in your contract, you will be able to buy your current vehicle during the lease or at the lease’s conclusion.
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