In a constantly changing economy, individuals looking to invest in a new car may find a car lease to be a beneficial alternative to traditional purchasing methods. Car leasing can provide a host of benefits, including low monthly payment options, low sales tax on payments, decreased difficulty with car sales, low repair costs, and the treat of experiencing a completely new car on a consistent basis. Contrary to traditional opinion, car leasing often creates lasting benefits and provides great contributions to the general comfort and wellness in the lives of millions of car shoppers every year.

Low Monthly Payments
When purchasing a car through the traditional loan process, buyers committee to making a number of payments to purchase the vehicle over a series of months. By promising to pay for the car in full in three to seven years on average, customers often become the owners of large car notes for the next several years. In the United States, the average monthly car payment for a vehicle loan is more than five hundred dollars. By choosing to lease a vehicle instead of taking out a loan, customers can save hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis and choose to invest thousands of dollars in annual savings into a new vehicle or any other important asset.

Low Sales Tax
The low monthly payments often included in a vehicle lease also yield a relatively small annual percentage rate. Depending on a customer’s credit, a leased vehicle’s APR and sales tax can be as little as 0.4 percent. Traditional car purchasing often include large deposits and high sales tax rates as a qualification for receiving a loan. By opting to lease a vehicle instead, customers can avoid this heavy taxation and save tons.

Decreased Difficulty During Trade Ins or Sales
Choosing to lease a car instead of purchasing one also provides a generally welcome escape from difficulties brought on at the end of a customer’s time with their car. When individuals wish to purchase a new car, they are forced to make a decision on what to do with their existing one. Placing a used vehicle on the market and trading it in for credit on a new purchase are both options that carry their own unique burdens. Getting an appropriate value for a used car can be tough for an individual with no real experience in the car industry. When a customer chooses to lease a car, the exchange process is a breeze because it is completely handled by the owners of the vehicle. The customer needs only to choose the right car for the next phase of life and enjoy!

Low Repair Costs
In addition to the providing an beneficial way to save money low payments, tax, and unwanted time during resale, car leasing options help customers to avoid the skyrocketing costs associated with vehicle repairs. Americans spend an estimated 28 billion dollars annually on car repairs alone. These repairs often add a hefty burden to individuals already struggling to pay necessary monthly expenses. Car under lease always include a warranty for the duration of the leasing agreement, helping customers to enjoy an all inclusive monthly payment with no unexpected repair costs. Any major damage to the vehicle that occurs as a result of normal wear and tear is automatically covered by the dealer.

New Car On a Regular Basis
One of the most significant benefits of leasing cars instead of purchasing them outright is the opportunity that lessees gain to change vehicles on a routine basis. Car lovers often relish the thought of purchasing the rights to drive a new and different vehicles on a consistent basis. Individuals who need drive impressive cars for work also enjoy car leases and can create the illusion of wealth while actually maintaining a stringent budget.

Ultimately, the choice to lease or purchase a car should be unique to a customer’s personal circumstances. It is important, however, to carefully consider the many benefits that car leases can provide before choosing to enter into a permanent car purchase.

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