Considering Toyota pioneered the compact crossover in the mid 1990s, you have a solid brand with a proven track record of innovation and excellence. You can choose from a variety of trims on the RAV4 that includes the standard LE, XLE, SE and Platinum. As a standard of all the cars, you receive a 6.1-inch infotainment system. What will you love about the 2017 Toyota RAV4 if you decide to lease it? First, the choice of front or all-wheel drive has made this a popular car. The ever-present ideals of comfort, reliability and practicality remain strong in the RAV4.

How Does the 2017 RAV4 Compare to Other Cars?

Unfortunately, the RAV4 does not excel some of the competition in its class. For example, the RAV4 performs somewhere in the middle of the list when you compare it to the Kia Sportage, Ford Escape, Mazda CX-5 and the Hyundai Tucson. Along with mediocre performance, the RAV4’s bland appearance is nothing to write home about. In its competitive class, the RAV4 fails to distinguish itself. Nevertheless, the comfort, reliability and practicality will certainly put the CR-V on high alert. When you compare how it competes in terms of sales, the CR-V sold 293,799 cars through October 2016 while the Toyota sold 286,809 units.

What’s New with the RAV4?

If you’re in search of New York Toyota RAV4 lease deals, you will learn that like with many of the Toyota models, the 2017 RAV4 includes an extensive list of life-saving safety features this year. The brand has now labeled this the Toyota Safety Sense-P. It includes everything from forward collision warning to lane-departure alert to lane-keeping assist to adaptive cruise control. In addition, Toyota introduces us to a new trim in the 2017 lineup. This year, we have the Platinum trim. If you should choose to lease the Platinum trim, the RAV4 features a monochromatic exterior with luxury features to boot. For example, you have a 360-degree-view camera to eliminate blind spots, warm your hands on the heated steering wheel and enjoy a power liftgate.

Pros of the RAV4


  • Low cost to operate
  • Spacious with plenty of features
  • Reasonable gas consumption
  • Ride in comfort

Cons of the RAV4


  • Fake leather seating marks easily with white streaks
  • Bumpier ride than what it needs to be
  • Can’t tow a big load
  • No optional engine

Hands down one of the best-selling small crossover SUVs on the market, you have amazing crash protection, and if you dislike the fuel economy of a larger SUV, lease the 2017 and enjoy 22 mpg with city driving and 29 mpg for highway driving. Even if you select the all-wheel drive model, you will have nearly the same level of gas efficiency.

New York sometimes experiences some biting winters, and the RAV4 proves an effective vehicle at overcoming the snowy conditions on the road. For some drivers, you may want to opt in for the all-wheel drive system. The extra traction means the 2017 RAV4 remains a powerful car when bursting through snow banks and other winter issues. Through the technology of the AWD system, the car will automatically detect spinning tires. Because of this SUV’s added ground clearance, you have a favorable advantage over the other compact crossovers on the market.

The RAV4 does, however, have a dead and vague steering system, and it does not get better with time. Along with the soft suspension, its a practical and dependable car, but not much fun to drive. Still, for those who want a solid car, it gets the job done. Are you interested in leasing the new RAV4? If so, pick up the phone and give us a call. We’d love the opportunity to earn your business.