Toyota is known as one of the most reliable car manufacturers in the United States. You are leasing the car, so you do not have to worry about the resale value, but reliability still matters, especially in New York. You do not want to get stuck in the middle of traffic. The 4Runner is one of the most popular vehicles from Toyota, and the following will provide more information on the vehicle.

The 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is a mid-sized sports utility vehicle or SUV. The car came out in 1984, and its popularity has definitely grown since then. The Japanese manufacturer is pretty proud of its compact SUV. There are several types of SUVs available in the United States. A number of them are American-made and loved by many, but the 4Runner really made a splash and was able to hold its own against great competitors.

The vehicle has gone through several changes throughout the years like adding navigational technology for long trips outside of the city to plush, comfortable leather seats to enjoy whenever you are stuck in NY traffic. Still, there is more to learn about the 4Runner, and the following will help.

The Pros and Cons of the Vehicle

You probably have an idea if this car will suit your needs, and now you should pay attention to some of the pros and cons of the SUV. The following will help you make a decision.


One positive aspect of the 4Runner is it is a Toyota, meaning that this vehicle is going to be reliable, long-lasting, and relatively affordable. Another benefit is the vehicle is compact. Sure, it is a relatively large vehicle that could fit a big family, but it does not take up much room. This is a great thing since parking spaces are sparse or tight in certain areas of New York.

The 4Runner can pull a load of 5,000 lbs, which is pretty impressive for such a compact car. This means you can take your entire family and a small camper attached to your hitch on the road with no problems. It should be noted that the 4Runner is a pretty good off-road vehicle.

Those who like to get out of the city and explore a bit might enjoy some of the features the 4Runner offers like the Crawl Control that helps the car slow down on a steep incline. Mud or snow will be less of a problem due the SUVs locking rear differential, which gives you more traction.


There are a few drawbacks worth pointing out. For one, its fuel economy is not great. You will get 17 mpg’s in the city and 21 mpg’s on the freeway. This could increase your gas bill a bit each month.

The 4Runner does run a little rough, almost like a regular truck. This means it may feel slightly jumpy while you are driving, especially on rough pavement. Some people love this feeling because it makes for a fun ride, but there are others who want a smooth ride, so it is something to consider.

The fuel economy and its rough ride are definitely drawbacks to think about when considering whether you want to lease the 4Runner, but these are minor issues when you compare them to some of the positive aspects. The vehicle is reliable, and the price is definitely a lot lower than other cars, which should keep your lease payments low. Still, it is ultimately up to you, but hopefully, some of these points made the choice a little easier.