With so many New York Subaru Outback lease deals currently being offered, consumers are certainly interested in this popular make and model. Potential buyers will find many advantages, as well as several flaws that may have to overlook. All in all, most car buyers will find what they like when planning to lease. (www.kbb.com/subaru/outback/)

What’s new for 2017?

This year Subaru welcomes a new model to the Outback family, with the Outback Touring model. This model features a finely crafted leather interior and newly designed trim on its exterior. Outback Touring buyers will also benefit from high beam assist technology, reverse auto brakes and every other option offered as standard on this model. (www.edmunds.com/subaru/outback/)

The Subaru driving experience

This crossover SUV is able to handle everything from daily commuting to cross country trips. It’s cabin is quiet and the ride is smooth. This is due to all-wheel drive which is standard on all models. This system gets the job done using “Active Torque Vectoring” traction for greater stability. Drivers will particularly feel this when driving at higher speeds. When driving off-road, drivers can shift into “Hill Descent Control” and “X-Mode” to conquer most surfaces.


The X-Mode is offered as standard feature on all Subaru Outback makes and models. Drivers will find that this signature system helps their vehicle to remain steady on off-road surfaces. It will also assist with steep braking using its “Hill Descent Control” feature.

Engine specs under the hood

Engines on automobiles manufactured by Subaru use a configuration referred to as “a boxer.” This is where the pistons are designed to be parallel with the ground. This manufacturing design aids handling on the road as it lowers the center of gravity within the vehicle. While Subaru gives car buyers a choice of two engines, neither of these will feel sufficient for drivers who demand real power.

Future car owners may elect to buy the 2.5, 4 cylinder engine. This setup offers a horsepower of 175 at 5,800 rpm. This engine maintains 174 pound footage of torque at 4,000 rpm. Fuel economy tops at 25 miles per gallon city driving and 32 miles per gallon on the highway.

There is also the 3.6 litter 6 cylinder engine. This engine gives drivers a horsepower of 256 at 6,000 rpm. This version has a 247 pound footage of torque at 4,400 rpm. Fuel economy tops at 20 miles per gallon under city driving conditions and 27 miles per gallon on the highway.


This year’s upgrade for 2017 offers a “perforated leather upholstery.” The attractiveness of the Java Brown leather is further enhanced by contrasting stitches in a shade of Ivory. Interior trim is in black with wood-grain side accents.


One could say that the exterior styling is what makes this vehicle a uniquely attractive choice among crossover SUV candidates. The mere shape of the vehicle looks stylish and that may be enough for some buyers. The lower body of the vehicle also contains its signature round fog lights, which set it apart from others in its field.

Roof rails

The Outback truly utilizes its roof railings. These rails actually pivot to snap into place. They can easily be moved fore, aft and outward as needed for top storage.

On the plus side, the Subaru Outlook of 2017 excels in many categories. This vehicle offers excellent safety features, both standard and as an additional option. It is also known for having a good resale value. Long distance drivers and commuters will appreciate the fact that it is fairly economical at the gas pump.

On the negative side, this capable car is not meant for massive off-road action. Large families and groups will likely miss the comfort of third row seating. Most importantly, the six cylinder versions of this SUV crossover may be more expensive compared to similar makes and models.

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