New York Mercedes E Class Lease Deals

You should not pass up New York Mercedes E Class lease deals, especially loyal Mercedes enthusiasts. Everyone knows that not many brands can match Mercedes when it comes to luxury, which is one reason why leasing deals are treasured. In recent years, Mercedes has become the top selling luxury brand in the country, meaning you are going to be driving around the most coveted brand out there. Now, it is always a good idea to know as much as you can about the vehicle you are going to lease, so the following should enlighten you about the Mercedes E-Class.

A Closer Look at the E-Class

The E-Class includes a number of vehicles that are considered executive cars. These are manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, which started back in 1993. This class of vehicle took the automotive industry by storm because people really loved the design. The E in the name of this series stood for ‘einspritzmotor,’ which simply meant fuel injection engine in the German language.

Most of today’s Mercedes vehicles use fuel injection technology, so the name does not mean that anymore since there is no need to differentiate. The size of the E-Class had made the car quite versatile. Taxi companies love this vehicle, and some regions of the world use the car as a cop vehicle. Of course, personal use is on the rise as well as executive purposes.

The Pros and Cons of the E-Class

E-Class vehicles are popular enough due to their build but also because they are Mercedes vehicles. Sure, the luxurious aspect is a plus, but there are a few negatives that you should know before leasing. The following will enlighten you:


One of the best features of the E-Class is that it is loaded with great safety features, making your New York drive a bit safer. For one, it comes with a driver drowsiness monitor, which is pretty impressive. It also comes with a pre-safe system. This system adjusts seat belts when it detects a possible automobile accident, which makes you and your family a bit safer. Those who want more features can add a monitoring system that will give you a collision warning and lane departure warning.

The E-Class is known as one of the most impressive vehicles in regards to its ride. It offers a smooth and quiet ride, which you should enjoy. You might have to deal with some noise in New York, so having a car that helps quieten things down is a positive. The car handles perfectly, which gives you much control while driving. You can expect as much as 241 horsepower though you can opt to get the V6 engine, which bumps you up to 396 horsepower. There is no doubt that this car packs more than enough power, which you will surely enjoy.

Of course, you can get the E-Class in four different styles, which are the wagon, sedan, convertible, or the coupe.


For a relatively small car, the E-Class is not good on gas. You are going get about 25 mpg in the city, which is not optimal. Of course, you know that you are going to be leasing a car that is a little pricier than others. Sure, the leasing deal should definitely help, but the high price is something to keep in mind.

Another thing to note is the cargo space is a little limited compared to other vehicles of its class. Granted, this is a sacrifice the car makers had to make to ensure the seating was as comfortable as possible by providing more leg room, but it is still something you should know. Cargo space is 13.1 cubic feet just so you know.

There are a few drawbacks that are worth considering though the benefits of leasing the car are numerous. It is safer than many other cars, and it also provides more comfort. It is really up to you, but you should not pass on a Mercedes lease deal.