The Mercedes-Benz C-Class started out as the automobiles entry level model, but the constant revisions have seen this model come above the CLA-class and a few steps behind the E-class model. The latest model delivers on performance, comfort and any other aspect that you would expect from a car of its caliber.


Design and Styling


If you are amused by the changing platform of the C-class model, then you should love the MRA (Modular rear drive architecture). It has only been applied to the C-class models, but it’s thought to go on other Mercedes models. This superb feature enables the car to be lighter than its predecessor with the body designed in aluminum, which is not the case in most sedans. It also features six-speed gearboxes that are fitted on entry-level models with an auto kept intact.


The engines designs consist of 201bhp and 168bhp 2.1 liters, and also a 4-cylinderturbo diesel in the c300 h,c 250 d, c 220 d, and c 200d models. The suspension is crafted from a revised five-link rear that the Mercedes has maintained for years, and with the multi-link front axle you should experience superb stability and grip.




Although the New York Mercedes C-class has grown in popularity, it still has a lot to offer in terms of the carrying capacity. Most people who go for compact executive saloons hardly need large backspaces, and the Mercedes C-class makes for a great choice. It’s super cool in terms of the standard finishing and quality of the material. Some of the notable features include air-con controls and stripped metallic air vents.




The Mercedes C-class layout is quite simple and features manual or automatic transmission, rear wheel drive, and longitudinal engines. While cruising around and increasing gear over time, you should expect some slight advantage in the fourth gear at 10.5 sec, which is more than its rival counterparts.




  • Space and comfort

You should expect an excellent range of adjustments in the trim levels and also lumbar support when it comes to the Mercedes C-class. There is adequate legroom and headroom, but the convertible and coupe design offer less of both. Also, you can conveniently increase the trunk space by folding the backseat. Also, there is an optional air balance package included, which infuses perfume onto the AC system.


  • Powerful engines 

The Mercedes C-class comes in a turbocharged 2.0 liter four cylinder engine that produces 273 pounds and 241 ponies of torque. If you step up to the AMG C43, then you gain access to a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine that makes 384lb-ft and 362hp of torque.


  • Superb driving experience

When driving around in the Mercedes Benz c class, you should experience a calm and composed ride on rough terrains. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort on sport++ mode, and it should be superbly serene in the comfort mode. The Mercedes airmatic suspensions cushion the ride and make it possible to drive even on run-flat tyres. Additionally, you can choose between the sport++, sport, eco, and Comfort driving mode for an even smoother ride.




  • Costly – The cost of a moderately priced c class Mercedes Benz starts at $40,000, with the latest design retails higher than the predecessors. Despite the cost implication, the ride is worth it.
  • The uneven placing of equipment – Although you can easily access the dials and controls, some equipment are awkwardly placed. For instance, the touchpad infotainment looks out of place on the dashboard.
  • Limited lower trims – The base of some c class models such as the c 300 isn’t as powerful as some of its close competitors such as Cadillac, BMW, and Audi. However, this isn’t the case in all latest c class designs.