The New York Mazda cx-5 is an outstanding SUV that every car enthusiast should watch out for. It not only features great fuel economy and outstanding engine performance but also comes with some excellent features that are an upgrade from its previous predecessors. The engine comes with a lot of tweaks such as redesigned oil rigs and piston head edges plus a G-vectoring control that takes advantage of the engine torque to adjust the suspension over a hundred times a second, which makes the car more responsive for a smoother ride.


Styling and Performance


This Mazda model is way better compared to its close competitors given its creatively constructed styling and performance features. As opposed to the sheet metals on the sides, which are common in the older designs, the CX-5 features chrome ascents below the window. Under the hood, this model has reworked to a 2.5liters in line with an engine that makes 187 horsepower, which is a 3hp improvement from the previous models. In general, you should expect precise steering and sharp performance from this Mazda model.


Comfort, Safety and Features


The cx-5 still comes in a small compact design with a capacity of five passengers. With its scalloped seats, there should be enough room for your legs which is convenient for anyone who’s above 6 feet. Also, it’s equipped with excellent standard equipment such as a seven-inch touch screen and heated seats for rear and front passengers. Here are some of the reasons why getting the cx-5 model might or might not be right for you:




High standard wheels – The cx-5 model compares its high standard wheel with different other car models, but what stands out is the optimal wheel lock present in the cx-5 model.


Excellent exterior design – The New York Mazda has over the time maintained the body dimension, but the cx-5 model features additional tweaks and major enhancements, especially on the doors that make it look elongated and lean towards a sporty look. Also, consumers will love the rear spoiler that is an additional feature from the previous models.


Great fuel economy – The cx-5 model features great fuel economy of 26/35mpg in highway and city cruising, and also manages an EPA f 26city/33highway.


Entertainment – Mazda lovers will enjoy the additional entertainment features in the cx-5 model. First, the model comes with both a satellite and HD radio that is interchangeable on request. There still are other amenities that should be of help such as an auxiliary audio port and a CD player.


Tiny but spacious – The cx-5 still maintains the same compact look that was in the previous models. It is a bit small but still provides room for more interior space. Mazda lovers should adore the incredible yet practical interior design that is crafted from high-quality materials. Also, the front row seats provide the needed comfort which allows a comfortable sitting position. Additionally, the rear seats have enough leg room for adults


More engine power – Mazda has over time maintained a constant horsepower of 184 Hp at 5700 rpm. However, the Mazda Sports SUV packs towing power to a maximum of 2000lbs and comes with superb features such as the trailer hitch receiver which was not present in the previous models.




Fewer color options – Mazda has disappointed its fans by not considering other color options other than the three options provided.


Underpowered engine – Mazda enthusiasts would wish to see an improvement in the engine capacity. The model has maintained the same horsepower for a quite some time and consumers plus critiques claim that it’s slower compared to the city rush.


Poor sound quality – Despite the cx-5 featuring great entertainment options, one of the things that actually disappoints is the stereo’s sound quality.

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