The latest version of the Lexus RX 350 is a quality investment when looking to rent a mid-sized luxury SUV. Crossovers SUVs are customer favorites for several reasons. Firstly, they provide sufficient room to transport a group of five, which makes them perfect for daily use. The elegant build of the Lexus RX 350 gives a vehicle that is luxurious enough for business applications. You can easily get it as a company car for the executives or guests. If you need to lease for vacation transport, then the RX 350 doesn’t disappoint. When considering luxurious SUVs for your New York lease contract, here are reasons the 2017 Lexus RX 350 should make it to the top.


You can get the RX 350 in base or F Sport versions. The base is equipped with a 3.4 L V6 engine with 295 horsepower and an eight-speed automatic gear system that handles well on the road. Drivers can expect excellent control when getting on highways and accelerating. It doesn’t pose much resistance when passing other vehicles on a two-lane road. The steering is above average, but the feedback may not be as good as other machines in the class. Drivability is one of the biggest pros of the RX350, especially for someone who is on the road for long hours. Even on mountainous rides, you get stability in the handling, and the consistent braking system makes it a joy to cruise around in.


The concept of “luxury SUV” is well represented in the Lexus RX 350. Over the years, Lexus has been nothing if not consistent with its superior quality interior, and the RX 350 is just a reminder of why the Japanese automaker is a huge seller. Its two-row interior is lined with simulated leather upholstery that adds to the stylishness of the car. You can count on long-lasting components that may not require replacing even after a long-term lease contract. Occupants get average seat heights, which means getting in and out is not a hassle. This ease gets better with the wide opening doors because they improve accessibility. The internal build of the vehicle provides unobstructed views of the road, and the 360-degree camera enhances awareness while driving.

In terms of comfort, the leather seats are very supple, giving occupants a fair amount of cushioning during rides. They are also power-adjustable meaning you can shift positions on those long road trips. The dampers on the Lexus RX 250 work adequately to absorb the shock of bumpy roads. Don’t expect road noises or engine sounds when driving around in this crossover SUV.

Space and Practicality

When put up against other mid-sized SUVs in the same price range such as the Acura MDX, the RX 350 comes up a bit short on passenger and cargo space. However, passengers get sufficient headroom and elbow room to wiggle about. There is a panoramic sunroof that doesn’t eat up space up front. A tall driver may make it uncomfortable for passengers in the rear seat, and the headrest screens may be a tad restrictive.


The features and technology available are essential when comparing New York Lexus RX 350 Lease deals. Lexus’ newest safety system is a big justification to get this two-row luxury SUV. Seats come with automatic heating and cooling setting that makes this car perfect for any weather. There is a 9-speaker audio system complete with a USB, an 8” display, CD player, and Bluetooth. Vehicle owners can choose to upgrade to a 12-speaker audio system with a 12.3-inch screen. Lexus has the Enform App Suite that allows you to access several apps including Facebook Places, iHeartRadio, and Yelp.

The Lexus RX 350 offers a number of features like lane change assist and collision warning that make it a valuable rental for a variety of uses. For a mid-sized luxury SUV, this two-row car is worth every penny. It may not come with as much space as its rivals, but it is built for comfort. Lease the RX 350 for business, family, or vacation use.

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