The Jeep brand has been taking some giant leaps in the car industry, and its sales have been improving for years. One reason the Jeep is so popular in the US might deal with the fact that it is known as one of the most patrioticvehicles ever made. Something about a Jeep screams American, and that is okay. One of the most popular makes is the Cherokee, and it is a great vehicle to lease.

Get to Know the Cherokee

The Cherokee began as a slight variation from the popular Jeep Wagoneer, but the Cherokee took a life of its own shortly after it was introduced. It has changed over the years and became one of the first compact SUVs. Of course, those who follow the Cherokee know that the Jeep is now considered a crossover SUV rather than a compact SUV.

Of course, the vehicle was named in honor of the Cherokee tribe, which is one of the original tribes that lived in the United States. The first model appeared in 1974 though this vehicle only had two doors in those days, but it later evolved to having four doors that the Cherokee is known for today.

Cherokee’s Pros and Cons

The Cherokee is a great looking car with several features worth noting, but this car also has a few cons that are important to understand. You can make a decision about leasing the Cherokee if you know a little more about the vehicle, so hopefully, the following points help:


Some areas of New York are filled with cars, but some regions are pretty far from the city, meaning the vehicle you choose should provide great gas mileage. Thankfully, the Cherokee comes with a four-cylinder engine, meaning you should be able to get 21 mpg when you are in the city and 30 mpg when driving on the freeway. Those who want the upgraded V6 engine should get 29 mpg, which is not too bad.

The Cherokee does come with a lot power, especially if you choose the V6. This means that mud or snow should not be a big issue like it might be with other options out there. You should know that the car does come with 4WD capabilities, making it easier to handle snow or mud. The vehicle’s suspension is pretty good, making it one of the most comfortable rides of its class.

One last positive aspect to mention is that the base model is affordable. Keep in mind that the Cherokee still comes with many perks like Bluetooth technology and an SD card reader, just to name a few of them.


One drawback to think about is that the Cherokee, like many other Jeeps, has a very distinct look. The look distinguishes it from other brands. You have probably noticed that the difference between similar models is small, but that is not the case with Jeeps like the Cherokee. Some may love this fact, but others may not.

It should also be noted that the four-cylinder engine does not give you a lot of power compared to similar vehicles. This means the vehicle will not be able to tow like heavy duty trucks, and it may not be the funnest SUV to drive.

Of course, this does not cover all of the positive or negative aspects of the vehicle, but hopefully, the information helps you find the right vehicle for you and your family. Those who need a little more assistance are welcomed to visit your car leaser to find out more information, or give the car a test run to see how it feels.