Some New Yorkers say they do not need a car, but there is no denying that getting around on your own has its perks. One thing people should not pass on are good New York Hyundai Elantra lease deals. Hyundai is known for having one of the best warranties out there, which is something any car leaser definitely wants to hear. Still, the more you know about a car the better.

Checking out the Elantra

New York and some of its officials are doing their best to improve traffic in the state, which could be one reason why people are thinking of getting a car. The Elantra is definitely a good car to consider for many reasons. The Elantra started production in 1990 though it was known as the Avante by most South Koreans.

The vehicle was sold as a station wagon or a regular sedan. It gave those interested in the car a few choices. The vehicle was compact, got the job done, and was relatively cheap, which is all that really matters. Prices in New York are already high, so there is no need for your lease to be high, too. The fair price for the Elantra is a good deal.

Elantra’s Pros and Cons

You know that the Elantra can be bought at a good price, but there are a few other positive aspects that you should know about. There are also a number of cons worth noting before opting to lease the Elantra. The following are a few pros and cons to help you make a decision:


Driving in New York can get expensive if the car is not fuel efficient, making the Elantra a good choice. You will get about 38 miles per gallon, which is good enough to take a few trips out of New York from time to time. Older Elantras were a bit noisy. The cars were noticeably louder than other similar models, but that has changed. The upgrades such as the subframe allows better carpeting, which muffles sound. There are also smaller dash holes than before, so your ride is going to be a lot quieter.

The car also comes with a pretty big trunk, and there are a number of storage compartments within the passenger doors if needed. This makes it pretty easy to pick up or drop off items.

One thing that those who choose to lease the Elantra are interested in are the safety features that rival many other car makers. It comes with technology that alerts you when cars are near you or in your blind spots. The car is also able to tell the driver that there is cross traffic ahead. The car even comes with forward collision prevention with its detection system that is paired with automatic braking to keep you safer.


All of these positive aspects of the Elantra are great, but that does not mean there are no drawbacks. For example, the horsepower of the vehicle is only 147, which means the car will not provide a lot of power compared to other cars. You will notice this lack of power when attempting to accelerate or when changing gears. It is not horrible, but those who have a love for speed are going to be unhappy about these drawbacks.

The noise level in these cars have been noticeably improved, but they are still not excellent. Those who start to drive the car at higher speeds are definitely going to detect some noise. This might be annoying to those who cannot handle much noise though it is something that a little bit of music can muffle well enough.

Hopefully, some of this information helps you figure out if the Elantra is the right choice. Sure, it does have some drawbacks, but good acceleration is not necessary, and you can deal with a little noise. The positive aspects like all of its safety features can end up saving your life, which makes it a smart lease.

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