The Ford Explorer has a rich and legendary history. For 25 years, it has driven down some very colorful roads and built its legend, as documented in this excellent article by Motortrend: Looking Back at the Ford Explorer. It’s a big, bold SUV with the style to let you cruise and the power to take you off-road. It remains one of the most beloved of all SUVs.

While lovers of other models will argue with you over this, it is very valid to claim that the Ford Explorer was what kicked off America’s obsession with SUVs in the early 90’s. Today’s model is even more impressive than what first hit the road in the early 90’s and it continues to win accolades from drivers and critics alike.

Pros of owning a Ford Explorer

Pristine appearance, off-road capabilities, and safety are all things that contribute to the Explorer’s legend. Here is a closer look at why the Explorer is such a crowd pleaser.

1. Sportiness wins the day: If you want an attractive, impressive SUV, they don’t get any bigger than the Ford Explorer. And it’s not just fun to look at, either. It’s a major player in the horsepower department, too, with a 3.5 L EcoBoost engine and a whopping 365 horsepower. If you want something that’s beautiful and powerful, you’re not going to do much better than the Ford Explorer. It’s one impressive machine.

2. Off-road good times: The Ford Explorer is powerful enough to take you off-road, and this is a big scoring point with many of the drivers who have loved this vehicle in the past. Here’s the only catch: You need to get the optional AWD package. This improves traction and ground clearance of the vehicle. If you want an SUV that you can take off-road, the Ford Explorer can meet your needs if you pick up that great package.

3. Wheels for days: The new Magnetic Gray wheels of the Ford Explorer will turn more than a few heads when they’re gazed upon. Add to that a powerful grille that also brings the new Explorer into the modern era and you’ve got one powerful and powerfully beautiful machine to drive not just on the road but off-road, too.

4. Safety isn’t forgotten: Some SUVs have to sacrifice safety for appearance. Fortunately the Ford Explorer isn’t one of those vehicles. It has a respectable safety profile for a vehicle of its size and class. You get a braking system that lands at “above average,” and plenty of optional safety features such as a forward collision warning and “adaptive” cruise control.

Cons of owning a Ford Explorer

Here are a few of the very rare cons of owning this magnificent vehicle.

1. Roominess falls short in the third-row: The third row is not a comfortable place for adults to ride in a new Ford Explorer. If you need a full-sized third-seat, it’s going to include adults trying their best to fit in that row. So despite being big and roomy on the first two rows, third-seat needs fall a bit short.

2. Price can grow hefty: The Ford Explorer isn’t for those who are financially strapped. With the many options you might want, you’re going to run into quite a bill if you deck out a Ford Explorer. This isn’t a problem for most customers because if you’re dreaming of driving a Ford Explorer, you know you’re going to have to go big.

New York Lease deals for Ford Explorer

Leasing a Ford Explorer is easy to do. If you’ve got great credit, you’ll walk away with almost a $0 down payment as well as a lower monthly payment than you’d get if you bought one of these legendary vehicles. New York lease deals are easy to come by and highly recommended. For those who don’t want a brand new Ford Explorer, you can always explore older models of Ford Explorer.

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