Auto buyers have been choosing the Toyota Corolla over other cars in this class for more than 50 years, and this popular car offers its owners incredible style and class at an affordable price. While the Corolla offers incredible benefits that are difficult for budget-minded drivers to resist, it does fall short in a few critical areas as well. Before you sign your New Jersey Toyota Corolla lease, you need to understand the benefits and drawbacks of this vehicle so that you make an informed decision.

Excellent Safety Features
If you are in the market for an affordable vehicle to lease that is loaded with great safety features, the Toyota Corolla is an excellent option. This mid-sized car comes equipped with standard safety equipment such as eight airbags strategically placed through the cabin, three-point seatbelts for the driver and all passengers, locking retractors on all seatbelts, rear door locks for child safety, a retractable steering wheel column, crumple zones, re-enforced side impact beams, steel body panels, an engine immobilizer, a backup camera, steering assistance, automated high beams and more. With some other makes and models in this class, you may have to pay more for added safety features, but all trim levels of the Corolla are equipped with the same safety features to give you peace of mind while driving down the road. These safety features make the Corolla a great vehicle to lease as a family or commuter car.

Exceptional Standard Features
Many trim levels of the Corolla are available for less than $22,000 as a base MSRP, and you can get many exceptional features loaded into these base models. For example, the Toyota Corolla can be leased with standard equipment such as an attractively re-designed front end with your choice of stylish exterior colors, a glossy black interior console, a large touchscreen infotainment system, climate control, a sound system, controls on the steering wheel, an illuminated dashboard, a navigation system and more. With some competing makes and models, you may be forced to pay a small fortune for these features as upgrades, but this is not the case when you lease a Corolla. There are some upgraded features available for a premium cost, however. In addition, despite its smaller size, the latest version of the Toyota Corolla has ample legroom for up to three adults to sit comfortably in the backseat. Other competing models are not as roomy or as well-suited for adults to sit in the backseat. This space makes the Corolla ideal for use as a carpool vehicle or for families with older children.

Lackluster Performance
While there is much to love about the Toyota Corolla, this vehicle does fall short of the competition in specific areas. Notably, more than 45 million Corolla vehicles have been sold over the years, but this vehicle has never made a Car and Driver top ten list. One reason for this is because its engine has historically had a less than desirable performance rating. Some of the other competing models are zippy and fun to drive, but the Corolla’s engine lacks pep and power. More than that, it is not quite as maneuverable as some of the competing models. For drivers who are looking for a well-equipped and safe vehicle that also is fun and zippy to drive, this may not be the best choice to consider.

Altogether, a Toyota Corolla lease gives you an affordable way to enjoy an overall sound driving experience. This car does not deliver a sporty experience behind the wheel, but it is comfortable, safe and affordable. Because many auto buyers who are in the market for a more practical sedan are less interested in peppy performance and are more interested in overall value, the new Toyota Corolla may continue to be one of the more popular vehicles in its class for many years to come.