The Subaru Outback is a five-passenger wagon that has six trim levels. The 2.5i Premium might be the most preferable of them all. The biggest improvement to the Subaru Outback might be dropping some of the utility in previous models for some additional style.

The level of quality of the front seats is remarkably high. The seats are wide enough for the support and have a good leather finishing. The armrests on the door and the center region also have a lot of padding. The driver’s seat also has a lumbar adjustment that guarantees comfort over long distances.

The Subaru Outback is guaranteed to give you a comfortable ride because of suspension travel. It is hard to feel or experience any bumps when you are inside the car. The car handles small ripples and obstacles with ease. Big ones may be felt on the cabin.

The car does not have many options for storing small items. It has a front bin and a two-tiered armrest bin. The cell phone slot is well-designed to fit your smartphone perfectly. The cargo space of the Subaru Outback is one of its biggest selling points. The Outback has 35 cubic feet of storage space behind the rear seats. A rubber mat at the bottom prevents cargo from sliding around as you drive. You do not have to worry about muddy and dirty items sprawling all over the place.

Loading of large items is made easy by the lift over point and the boxy shape of the storage area. The cargo capacity of the car is more than 70 cubes in total. The towing capability of the Outback is relatively high compared to its rivals. The four cylinder can tow 2,700 pounds while the six-cylinder can do about 3,000 pounds.

The Outback comes with either a 6.2 or 7-inch touchscreen interface. The interface is user-friendly and very intuitive. This makes navigation a breeze. Navigation is optional on both the Limited and the Premium trims. The interface is clear because of the high-resolution. This allows one to pinch and zoom easily.

One of the advantages of the Subaru Outback is the ability to integrate with smartphones. The Starlink Multimedia system allows you to activate voice-controlled apps through your smartphone. It also has voice-to-text messaging while some trims allow you to control your iPhone through voice commands.

The Subaru Outback has a very handy driver assist system known as EyeSight. The system comes with rear cross-traffic alert, forward collision mitigation, blind spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control. All of these features aid the driver in making decisions while they are on the road.

The four-cylinder petrol engine takes a long time to accelerate. The 175hp four-cylinder engine does not have a lot of power. It takes nearly ten seconds to go from 0 to 60mph. The six-cylinder engine performs relatively well.

The brakes of the Subaru Outback also lack in some respects. They do not feel powerful at all. This means that you have to press the brake pad all the way down for it to stop. The gas pedal is the complete opposite. It kicks in at the slightest touch.

The steering is excellent for the most part. It might feel heavy to some drivers depending on their preference. The handling on the Outback gives it a lot of body roll when rounding corners. This means that you have to slow down to an appropriate speed as you approach a bend.

The Outback gives off some noticeable tire noise when you change road surfaces. The side mirror and the front roof contribute to a lot of the wind noise. The engine is silent at low revs. It starts to get loud at high rpm. The car is certainly at the top in its category. It can be acquired through any of the New Jersey Subaru Outback Lease Deals available.

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