Mercedes is one of the top choices for luxury car rentals. The automaker is renowned for its innovative technologies in its products and dedication to comfort for the occupants. Whether you want to lease a sports car to cruise down the streets of New Jersey or an executive sedan for business applications, Mercedes has something suitable. The E-Class falls into the executive saloon category and compared to its peers, it offers particular justifications for choosing it when renting a vehicle. Its elegance is a big selling point, but it is not the only one.

The Mercedes E-Class is available in more than one model. There are two 2.0 L diesel options; the E 200 and E 200d. Then, there is the V6 diesel engine, E 350d, the E 350e, a 2.0 L hybrid plug-in, and the AMG E43 top-of-the-range V6 twin-turbo petrol engine.


The four-cylinder engine in the E 200/ 220d offers 148 or 191 bhp and is smooth and quiet. If you are getting the E350d, expect a strong performance with swift acceleration with the slightest pressure on the pedal. You get different driving modes on the E-Class, but the Comfort is highly recommended. Comfort mode provides effortless body control and doesn’t present much of a challenge when taking corners. The Sport and Sport+ mode are other options in the E-Class that reduce roll on the vehicle.

Mercedes has refined cruising, which only results in a background road noise. With the E-Class, you get more than three suspension setups that comprise of adaptive dampers and standard coil springs. Compared to one of its greatest competitors on the market, the Jaguar XF, the E-Class handles bumps much better. Drivers are guaranteed smooth rides on big bumps, but potholes and broken tarmac can send jolts through the vehicle once in a while. You can get an optional air suspension system, which is standard on the 350d and an extra on the 220d, for improved composure and comfort.

Interior Design and Space

When considering New Jersey Mercedes E Class lease deals, comfort is one determinant to give thought to. The interior build of a vehicle dictates how comfortable the occupants will be when on the road. Mercedes has a reputation for designing high-quality cabins, and the E-Class is no different. The curves on this model get inspiration from the S-Class Limousine. You get a dashboard that thrives on minimalist design, although you can opt to fit the large display that increases your view of the information system. Users won’t have trouble navigating the dashboard because the arrangement is simple enough.

The electric driver’s seat is standard on all E-Class models, and it makes it less troublesome for drivers to adjust their seating position. However, adjustable lumbar support is an extra feature that you have to pay for separately. The Garmin Pilot satellite navigation is standard in the E 220d, which gives an average performance compared to other platforms on the market. Expect an 8.4” color screen, Bluetooth, DAB radio and a USB socket for your entertainment. Mercedes has a rotary dial in the interior that is responsible for various controls, including the climate and infotainment systems.

In terms of spaciousness, you get a roomy interior with sufficient headroom. For occupants with long legs, the front seats can slide back to provide more space. It also comes with a 540-liter square boot that allows more room than most makes in this class.


• Spacious interior with great legroom
• Comfortable design
• Reliable technology including driver’s assistance, automatic lane change function, and Active Brake Assist
• Excellent CO2 emission rates


• Requires some pricey extras
• Heavy transmission tunnel in the middle back seat
• Leans towards the expensive side

The Mercedes E-Class is a top-of-the-line pick when leasing a company car. The availability of different versions means you can select the most appropriate and budget-friendly option. Mercedes offers drivers luxurious cabins and above average performance in this five-seater. Compared to other automatic gearbox executive saloons, the E-Class does better on CO2 emissions, which is a huge consideration in today’s market.