Known as the entry level model car among the Mercedes line of cars, the Mercedes C-Class is among the most popular lines of cars from the German stable. Interestingly, the C-Class happens to be among the smallest of all the Mercedes cars. Nonetheless, despite its small size, most of the reviews will attest to how “big” the model is, with regards to performance and style.


The model lives up to Mercedes` reputation for classic luxury. In fact, very few, if any, models can match the level of upmarket style and grace you`ll find in any C Class. With a spacious and premium interior, excellent standard specification, and cutting-edge safety equipment, the C-Class has left nothing to chance.


Apart from a comfy ride even in rough terrain, the C-Class swaddles its occupants in elegant comfort. Although not particularly sporty, it`s full of high-tech features and sports an array of luxuriously fine-tech cabin materials.


Traditionally, the C-Class relied on offering a more relaxing driving experience. The C-Class, however, not only faces tough supremacy battles from some of its direct historical rivals such as the Audi A4 Series, and BMW 3 Series, it also has to fend off competition from slightly cheaper models such as Audi A3 Saloon, and high-value models such as BMW X5.




Interior and Exterior


From the first time it was introduced, the C-Class is already a model that is ahead of its time, and many enthusiasts feel that the Mercedes team will be hard-pressed to make a significant improvement in the model`s original features and design. For example, there is only a superficial advancement in the external cues in a majority of the C-Class models.


Nonetheless, in any executive car park, looks count a lot, and fortunately, the C-Class hits the spot. Taking inspiration from the brand`s flagship model-the S Class, one can expect an intriguing exterior featuring sculpted sides, neatly styled contour lines, and swept-back headlamps to provide an enchanting allure.


New Jersey Mercedes C class lease deals provide an instant classic. The new versions, however, have been revamped with tons of top-flight interior components. In any C-Class model, expect some of the standard equipment such as an updated infotainment system that includes a multimedia system, a DAB radio, 7-inch LCD screen, Bluetooth connectivity for calls, audio streaming, and iPhone integration.


Other desirable extras in the model include heated seats, Mercedes` trademark Artico leather, flat-bottomed steering wheel, cruise control, front and rear cameras, and dual-climate control that allow regulation of temperatures in the cabin.




Most importantly though, is the additional safety features installed in the C-Class. Some of the exciting safety features in the C-Class include front side pelvic airbags, new comfort suspension system, stability control that helps in a managed control in case of the car skid, and a Collision Prevention system that automatically breaks before a collision.


Engine and Performance


The C-Class series offers a range of power options. The base engine is a turbocharged 4-cylinder. For many of the motorists, the engine has all the power they need. It feels potent and has excellent fuel economy. For the best possible performance, however, one should consider one of the high-performance AMG models. The engines in the AMG models feature a twin-turbo V8 engine, with an output of over 450 horsepower.


Driving a C-Class means being sophisticated yet pragmatic; the model feels agile to drive, with excellent steering and a little lean, particularly when taking corners. Additionally, the punchy engine has enough power to make the model brisk, but also economical.




  • Reliability

The model matches BMW in providing a three-year unlimited mileage warranty. With such a warranty, it`s a clear testimony of the self-belief that the brand has over the excellent performance of the model.


  • Performance

The love affair with the Mercedes is attributed to its astounding performance. The model can deliver the power of a supercar in a saloon body and is a riot to drive.


  • Comfort

The term Mercedes is synonymous with comfort, luxury, and extravagance. Expect superfluity even in the base models of any Mercedes.


  • Style and Elegance

Even though the C-Class is not the most model-like and chic series in its class, it still tops the top 10 list of the most eye appealing cars.




  • Fuel economy

If the fuel economy is at the top of your list, then the C-Class is not for you. The model has quite unimpressive fuel consumption.


Apart from performance, the C-Class also enjoys the reputation of being the most versatile car. It`s so versatile that it`s now commonly used as a taxi cab in different countries. For individual looking for a luxurious model that is within their reach, then C-Class is the ultimate solution.