So, you’ve decided to lease a car, but you know that the actual leasing process can be complicated. Zoomr is here to simplify it for you. Our goal is to streamline the leasing process so that it’s as straightforward as possible. Instead of contacting every dealer in your area to figure out which ones have the car you want, we handle that for you. We have our own network of car lease dealers throughout the greater New Jersey area, and each of them offers their best deals only to Zoomr clients.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Services

Let’s start with what we’re not – Zoomr isn’t a car brokerage company, and we’re not a car dealer. We’re a platform that connects clients like yourself with brokers and dealers who would like a chance to earn your business. Since they know you have plenty of options available through our network, they will offer you the lowest possible pricing without sacrificing quality.

Would home delivery make your car leasing experience more convenient? We’re sure it would, and that’s why we offer it. We’ll provide on-time delivery to the address that you give us when you lease or purchase the car. Look around and see if you find other companies offering to bring a car to your home.

You have a car of your dreams, and we want to help you get it. And we’re not talking something close to it, we mean that we’ll do everything in our power to get you the exact make and model you want, at the lowest possible price.

Bids Aplenty: At Zoomr, we get bids from multiple dealers and brokers for you, so we can find choices that fit your budget, no matter what that budget is.

No Time Wasted: The days of lengthy negotiations and spending every free moment searching for the right card deal are over. We take care of the negotiations and locking in your deal, so there’s less for you to worry about.

New Jersey Car Leases

Understanding the Concept of a New Jersey Car Lease

Often, people have this idea that a car lease is a long-term rental. That’s not quite how it works, but it’s a starting point.

When you lease a car, you’re paying money to the dealer or broker, and in return they’re letting you drive the car. Your lease has a term for a set amount of time, and there are other terms and conditions specifying how the lease will work. These conditions include your annual mileage limit, and how you can change that limit if necessary.

Instead of making payments towards the value of the car, you’re making payments towards its depreciation. It’s a win-win situation for you and the dealer or broker that you connect with through Zoomr.

What Are Some of the Reasons for Leasing Cars?

One of the main reasons people lease cars is the lower expense. You can lease a car for a lower monthly payment than you’d have purchasing the same make and model. Car prices increase every year, so by leasing, you can get a new car without ending up in debt.

You’ll typically have a lower down payment when you lease. Combined with the fact that lease payments are lower than monthly payments, you’ll have more money available every month.

There’s also car maintenance. You still need to take a leased car in for the standard maintenance, but anything major will be covered by the warranty, and you’ll likely have that warranty over the term of your lease.

Leasing a car is also a great way to get a new vehicle every couple years. Instead of buying a new car, keeping it for six to 10 years as it starts to have mechanical issues and then selling it for a fraction of what you originally paid, you can just turn in your lease and get something new.

What Consumers Need to Know About Leasing

We can assist you with finding a right car and getting the right lease agreement on it. There are a few points to consider.

The Importance of the Sales Price: Your monthly payment depends on that make and model’s sales price. Less expensive cars mean lower monthly payments.

What Is Meant by the Residual Percentage and Amount: The car’s current value is expressed by what’s known as the residual percentage, which depends on its depreciation. A higher residual percentage means the car holds its value longer and depreciates slower. Since you’re paying for the depreciation, this results in lower payments.

The Mileage Allowance: Your lease contract will include a mileage allowance, and as long as you don’t go over, you won’t get hit with additional fees, which are calculated on a per-mile rate. We’ll run the numbers with you to figure out your average number of miles driven each month, and how much it will cost you if you go over your allowance.

Understanding That Clause About a Disposition Fee: Since the lessor needs to get the car ready for a sale or another lease when you return it, there’s a fee to cover that. A standard amount is $300 to $500, and you’re unlikely to find a lease without one.

The Meaning of Money Factor: This is the same as an annual percentage yield (APR), so you want to get this as low as possible to save money.

Comparing Car Buying to Car Leasing

Since you’re here, you’re likely looking for a New Jersey car lease. We’re ready to help you find one, but first, let’s look at the differences between buying a car and leasing one. This will help you make an informed decision that you’re happy with. At Zoomr, our team feels that it’s best to know what to expect before you sign a lease contract.

Who’s the Owner?

Whether you get an auto loan or pay cash, when you buy a car, it’s yours. Of course, if you got a loan, you’ll need to make your payments to keep the car. If you lease a car, the dealer still owns it.

New Jersey Car Lease Deals

Assessing the Costs on the Front End

There is always an upfront payment when you buy and finance a new car. You could pay this in cash or trade in a vehicle and use the equity for this upfront payment, or you may do both. There are multiple factors that affect the amount you need to pay upfront, including your credit rating and the lender’s requirements.

It’s much easier when you lease. Upon signing the lease, you’ll need to pay a reasonable security deposit, an acquisition fee, your first monthly payment, plus any taxes and fees. You’ll have the option of paying a larger amount upfront to secure lower lease payments.

The Car Value in the Years to Come

Any car you buy is also going to be sold one day, and when it is, it will be worth whatever the buyer is willing to pay. The make and model, your upkeep of it, and the demand for it will all factor in to how much you can get for it.

Future value isn’t something you need to worry about when you lease. Once your lease expires, you just return it and you can lease a new car.

The Final Payments

When you finance a car, you receive the full title after you finish paying your loan. That full title is your proof that you’re the only one with a claim to the vehicle. You can do whatever you want with it, without needing any other party’s permission.

With leasing, you return the car when your lease is up and then restart the process. What if you want to keep the car? Many leases have purchase clauses. If your lease has a purchase clause, then at the end of the lease, you can tell the lessor that you want to keep it and set up a final purchase agreement.

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