Consumers looking for a lightweight, economical vehicle will find just what they need in the Hyundai Elentra. A 2.0L 147hp engine is standard for the SE and Unlimited models. Hyundai also updated its six-speed transmission. Fuel efficiency is a major plus along with its aerodynamic design from font to back. Drivers can expect 38 mpg on the highway and 28 mpg in the city.

Owners and those leasing the Hyundai Elantra like its quiet, comfortable cabin. Engineers created a classy and thoughtful interior design that has broad appeal. Consumers looking for New Jersey Hyundai Elantra lease deals, or hoping to purchase, have a number options from which to choose.

Safety Features

Safety features are among the top reasons that people make the decision to buy a particular vehicle. This holds especially true for families and others who spend quality time on the highways and navigating city traffic.

Braking and Pedestrian Detection

Owners also feel an added degree of safety with the vehicle’s Automatic Emergency Braking and Pedestrian Detection system. A camera and radar sensor deploy to scan for pedestrians and vehicles in the vehicle’s path. If the driver is slow to react to an imminent collision, the vehicle’s braking system springs into action and applies the brakes.

Blind Spot Detection

Being able to see and react to vehicles in the blind spot is an additional safety feature that offers both a visual and audible warning. The Cross-Traffic Alert system warns drivers moving in reverse whether vehicles are approaching from the back side or rear. The system activates if the vehicle is traveling less than six miles per hour. Lane Departure Warning also alerts drivers if they stray from their lane.

High Beam Assist

Drivers have access to a brilliant lighting system that turns when they do. The Elantra provides this through its Dynamic Bending Light technology. This safety feature is forward-thinking. As drivers turn, the headlights move with the direction of the curve. High-Beam Assist deploys and automatically dims headlights when sensing the headlights of oncoming traffic.

Airbag Safety Features

With all of the vehicle’s safety features, accidents can still sometimes be unavoidable. Hyundai loaded the vehicle’s interior with airbags that will protect every vital area of the body in the event of a major collision. Airbags include driver’s, knee and six front,and side-impact curtain airbags.

Trim Models

Models include the SE, Value, Eco, Sport, and Limited editions. Hyundai prices its models for affordability. Additional amenities include air conditioning, power windows and door locks, 60/40 split-folding rear seatback, cloth seating surfaces, telescopic and tilt steering wheel, seats that adjusts six ways for both passengers and drivers, compact spare tire, trunk lid cover, and more.

Hyundai Elantra Pros

The pros for driving a Hyundai Elentra include its economical engine and overall design, quiet and safe ride, ample cargo space, control and notable steering ability, impressive safety features, trim models that each one packs with special features, simple and effective dial interfaces, excellent warranty coverage, ease of shifting, and overall great versatility.

Hyundai Elantra Cons

As many great features the Elantra can boast, it still has a few things that may cause consumers to second-guess making a purchase. Some think it has an average transmission. Some have reported experiencing a bit of lag through quick accelerations as well. The engine is not as quiet as it could be. While the vehicle offers better gas mileage, it lacks real power. Its cabin trim is standard with normal aesthetics.

Overall, Hyundai built the Elantra to fit most budgets. The vehicle has received overall good ratings along with top safety awards. Positive features outweigh what would seem to be disadvantages. By any means, the 2017 Hyundai offers great value. It will carry forward its reputation for efficiency and dependability well into the future.

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