Buying a new car means you get to keep it as long as you want, you get to let your kids eat in it and destroy it if you want, and you never worry about how many stickers or pen marks they get on the seats during artwork time on family road trips. You get to pay for your own maintenance, wonder about trade-in value, and you take a significant hit on the depreciation when you drive that brand-new car off the lot. It’s a great option for some people, but who wants to drive like that? Buying is only beneficial to people who spend most of their time in their car, and that’s only because it means they can put as many miles on the car as they need without paying fees for those miles.

Leasing is a much better option. You get to drive your car as long as you know you’ll want to drive it before getting rid of it for a new car, and you never pay for your own maintenance. You get to choose a new car every few years, you get to forgo the hit on depreciation, and you get to drive a much cooler car for a lot less money than if you bought the car. It’s a better option. If your argument is you worry about the damage your kids are doing to the car, you should consider it’s something you need to worry about no matter whether you buy or lease.

Less Cost Upfront

Leasing a vehicle means you pay a lot less in terms of sales tax. It also means you don’t need a down payment. If you do need to make a down payment, you make a very small one. Most buyers who put money down on a new car do it with less than $1,000 to get into a new car. The fees are a lot less when you walk out of the dealer, which means you have more money in your pocket to spend as you please.

You Get to Choose Options

When you lease a car, you aren’t required to follow the rules of the dealership. You get to pick how many miles you get to put on your car each year. You get to pick how many months your lease lasts, and you get to choose from several other options. It seems like a method of finance that doesn’t leave much room for personal choices to many, but that is nothing more than a misconception. You have a choice in the lease terms before you sign the contract, and all it takes is a little extra added onto your payment each month.

You Get Better Car Options

For many consumers, the thought of driving your dream car is nothing more than a pipe dream. Dream cars usually come with hefty price tags, and it’s not in the cards for many buyers. When you lease a vehicle, you don’t pay full price. The price you pay each month is calculated based on the kind of depreciation the vehicle experiences during the time you have it in your possession, and that’s how monthly payments are kept low. Now you can drive the car of your dreams for a lot less than you ever imagined. It’s how many people purchase luxury cars and get to drive them without breaking the bank.

You Get New Cars

Driving a new car is a nice feeling. Even people who feel they have no problem driving an old car for many years know how nice it is to drive a new car. You never lose out on your warranties or pay big car repair fees. You never worry about how much your car is worth when it’s time to sell it or trade it in, and you get a new car when your lease is up without going through the entire purchase and trade-in situation.

Driving a lease is a much better deal now that it was in the past, and knowing that allows you to make a wiser and more informed decision when it’s time to shop for a new car. You do have options, and knowing how to exercise them is beneficial when you choose your next new car.

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