Car leasing is a common phenomenon that allows people to own cars cheaply. It is also significantly popular among people who enjoy upgrading their rides often with an aim of driving the latest models in the industry. It is usually convenient for people who drive reasonably low miles to lease cars as the service costs are usually lower compared to those who drive for many miles.

There are quite a number of factors that anybody who is planning to lease a car should consider before he or she leases the car of his or her dreams. Some of the factors include:

– Mileage limits: This is the total distance that a leasing company allows the person leasing a car to use the car. The mileage limits given by most leasing firms is usually 15,000 miles annually above which more costs can be incurred by the leasing party.

– Lease-End condition: This involves taking into consideration the condition of a car at the end of the lease contract and understanding the types of scratch that can be considered normal wear and tear by the firm.

– Lease terms: A longer leasing term usually translates into increased odds of mechanical breakdown and wear and tear. This implies that leasing a car past its warranty period is risky.

– Fees: It is also important to pay attention to the extra fees that may be levied such as drive-off fees and fees charged on premature termination of the contract.

Pros of leasing the new Ford Explorer
– Three-Row Seating: The new Ford Explorer has been fitted with three seating rows providing extra seating room. The car can comfortably accommodate more than five people excluding the driver. The car’s optional second-row sliding seat provides adequate legroom for those on board.

– A 2.3L Well-Rounded Eco Boost Engine: The new Ford Explorer comes with an SUV’s turbocharged four-cylinder engine making the car suitable for off-road driving and fuel-efficient.

– An exciting sports model: The car provides fun when driving. It comes with a sport-tuned suspension that provides an easy handling. The car only takes 5.9 seconds from 0 to 60 mph making it even more exciting for sports lovers.

– Off-Road abilities: The car has been equipped with an option of AWD package making it a reliable off-road car. The car also provides a Hill Descent Control making it ideal when driving down an incline with 7.8 inches of ground clearance for easy navigation off-road.

– Safety profile: The car received a top standard rating after undergoing various crucial crash tests. It also comes with optional safety mechanisms including blind-spot monitoring, cruise control, and forward collision warnings.

– High-End Features: The car is fitted with front-view cameras for easy parking, an amplified Sony sound system for optimum music experience, ventilated front seats, standard LED headlamps, optional rear seat entertainment, Bluetooth technology, and a rear-view camera for easier reversing.

– It has a limited third-row seating room: The third row of the Ford Explorer cannot provide comfortable seating space for passengers hence limiting its use.

– Its 3.5L Eco Boost engine drops fuel economy: The attempt to increase the Ford Explorer’s fuel capacity from 2.5L to 3.5L ensured it has high efficiency but with a lesser economy on fuel. As a result, it may prove to be an expensive option for those people who love to take regular long distance drives.

– It is relatively expensive: Even with New Jersey Ford Explorer lease deals, the Ford Explorer is likely to increase in price as the demand from buyers continues to grow. With the rising demand, the future leasing costs may be even higher.

The Ford Explore 2017 is a classy drive that will guarantee comfort and safety as it comes with more room to accommodate more people. The car has extra seating capacity and can be used for both on-road and off-road driving making it one of the ideal cars for those looking for cars to lease.

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