If you are looking for a hybrid, hot red or just a simple family cruiser that comes with multiple power trains, then the New Jersey BMW x5 is one of the best choices. It’s optional third row, flexibility, and styling are some of the reason why most people consider this model compared to other crossover designs.


Design and styling


Although the exterior has undergone notable changes, the underneath is related to its previous models. The x5 has focused more on cutting excess weight and by extension using high tensile steel. Also, they have introduced a thermostatic side panel and aluminum bonnet. Many clients should greatly benefit from the self-leveling air springs and adjustable dampers that are higher on the trim list. Also, this BMW design greatly benefits from the engine evolution of the twin turbo line-up to a Euro 6 emission standard.




Every BMW enthusiast should love the X5 outstanding interior. First, this model remains the same as the previous model in terms of the sports seat option and choice of comfort. However, the seats are by far more comfortable, and you are in a position to spec a third-row seat. Also, the model features a standard entertainment unit that is fully functioning. You will also have the Bang & Olufsen as well as the Harmon Kardon as options that can conveniently be supplemented with optional online entertainment. This means that you can have access to internet radio and over 12 million music tracks.




The x5 focuses on a diesel engine that comprises of the 25d, 30d, 40d, and 50d, which is an upgrade from the conventional 2.0 and 3.0-liter engines. If you are looking for a more refined X5, then there is a 4.4 liter turbocharged V8 that is offered in 50i variants. It also features an eight-speed auto gearbox, and with its low-rev urge anticipatory skills, you should expect an effortless performance.


Ride and Handling


The x5 model has the capacity of handling 30d, 40ds, and 50i which includes cross-axle torque, anti-roll bars, electronically adjusted dampers, and air-sprung rear suspension. With such kit installation, it should be easy to navigate through bends. Additionally, the car stops convincingly, steer accurately, and it’s stable enough to keep you in check even at high speeds.




  • Efficient and Powerful diesel engine

If you are seeking for a car model that provides you with the best fuel efficiency with a turbocharged diesel engine, then the x5 is your best option. This BMW model returns 31mpg on the highway and 24mpg in the city. Even with the engines fuel economy, the model doesn’t compromise the SUV performance in any way.


  • The M suspension

The BMW x5 has proved to be one of the best handling SUV within its price range. Given that the base model handles well, buyers can still consider an Adaptive M-suspension. The suspension enhances the x5 performance on the road, and you should expect a high-quality and comfortable ride.


  • Excellent styling

The x5 is the top stylish and sporty looking SUV. In fact, the round headlight and signature grille are some of the notable features that make the X5 stand out from its rivals. Also, the BMW muscular bodyline and wide stance make it look aggressive. The BMW features a stunning 20-inch wheel with an M sports package that gives this model an enhanced level of flair.




  • Expensive to maintain– Compared to most of the American made SUV, the BMW x5 has high maintenance costs, and this is disadvantageous especially for drivers who are looking to save some cash.
  • The third-row seat– The third-row seat feels cramped especially on adults, and this makes it only suitable for small children.
  • It is expensive – Compared to other car models, the x5 is expensive and can retail to as much as $70,000.
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