Leasing a new BMW 5 Series in New Jersey
If you haven’t checked out the latest generation BMW 5 Series, you should. The Series has been redesigned. Featuring a more aggressive, sleek look and sporting a powerful, fuel-efficient engine, the newest iteration of the respected line of cars scores at the top of its class in almost every category.

The newest generation of 5 Series has the looks to turn heads. The body features a compelling mesh of curves, angles and grooves that give the car a uniquely formidable poise. It’s not overstated to the point of drawing unnecessary attention, yet it has the gravitas to make a dashing entrance to a trendy restaurant or the country club, not to mention looks of slightly concealed jealously it will surely draw in the office parking lot.

But the bestial Bimmer is far from all show. The all-new tubocharged 2.0 liter is makes use of four inline cylinders and produces a stunning 248 horsepower. Just a few years ago, numbers like that from such a small engine might have garnered justified suspicion of a nitrous injection system or use of racing fuel. But through Bavarian technological wizardry, this one can pull it off with 86 octane from the local gas station. And when married to BMW’s state-of-the-art, computer-controlled 10-speed automatic transmission, it propels the car from 0 to 60 in a whiplash-inducing 5.8 seconds. The other performance numbers from this sporty sedan leave little to be desired.

The interior is a tour-de-force in upscale ambiance. At no time can passenger or driver forget that they are in the confines of a high-end luxury vehicle. The attention to detail is meticulous, with hand-stitched leather throughout the cabin, stainless steel trim accented with real wood and heavy, metal knobs of the kind too many auto manufacturers have shunned in favor of cheap plastic. The new 5 Series is one of the few cars that can easily make you look forward to that hour-long, one-way commute.

The 5 Series also has a phenomenal sound system, which, like most other vehicle functions, is controlled via the huge, 10-inch iDrive touchscreen display. This current iteration of iDrive is a vastly improved and more user-friendly one than in times past. Prior versions of BMW’s infotainment system had attracted much criticism from the automotive press. But it seems the kinks have largely been worked out for the current year’s models.

The 5 Series is a superlative car in every way. The only negative is that you can expect to pay a premium. The line starts at $52,000. But you also get a lot for your money. For a car that performs like a race car and still gets 34 miles per gallon, the elevated price tag is well worth it.

Leasing can be the best way to acquire a new BMW 5 Series

The main reason that most people would cite for not wanting to lease a new vehicle is that they wouldn’t own it. While this is certainly true, it is often not a strong justification. While assets such as homes and stocks can be great assets to own, cars are a much trickier proposition. This is because automobiles are some of the fastest depreciating assets that there are.

There is also the issue of resale market volatility, which is much higher than many car buyers appreciate. How would you like to know that, when you decide to sell your new car in five years, it’s market value, for any given number of miles, condition and other factors affecting value, could be as high as $30,000 or as low as $10,000? This is the actual magnitude of resale market volatility. And it is a considerable risk that the buyer takes on.

In addition to these considerations, leasing saves massive amounts in up-front costs. Between money saved by not having to make a large down payment and that saved from ongoing monthly payments as low as half of those made on bank loans, the amounts saved by leasing can total in the tens of thousands of dollars.