From the time when it was launched in 2009, the Audi Q5 has been a big success, and in 2017 it is continuing to create a lot of buzz, excitement and stir among enthusiasts of cars but especially to lovers of the Audi models. What makes it so captivating is the use of hybrid technology which greatly enhances its performance. The exterior of the latest version is the same as that of its predecessors but not necessarily identical. It comes with a flatter roofline and a single-frame grille which is totally new. It also has an aluminum hood, a wrap-around tailgate and optional xenon headlights which are further deviations or additions. The Audi q5 is available in three new colors as well as fabric for the upholstery.


Although its appearance is typically Audi’s in terms of subtlety and styling, what make it more admirable are the power mechanics and other innovations that have been introduced. The basic or standard turbocharged, direct-inject, 2 liter inline-2 engine remains the same, however, at the rear end of the vehicle there is a a 40 kW or 54 horsepower electric motor offering 345 pound-feet of torque which draws power from lithium- ion batteries.


What grabs the attention of most people in the industry is the compact size of the luxury SUV. It is a stylishly timeless vehicle that can comfortably seat five passengers, and in its class it tops the list. Across the board, it has a standard panoramic sunroof, and from its finely crafted interior to the wide range of features and a powerful engine, it is a car not to be taken slightly. Under the hood it remains a class standout because of the sprightly turbocharged four-cylinder to a gas-electric hybrid, and the Audi Connect telematics bundle is now included in the Premium trim’s Navigation Plus package.


The exterior styling of the car appears to be timeless while inside you will get the Q5’s high-quality construction and spacious seating. Although one might take the vehicle to be a crossover, but compared to other models, it is still a better performer. Other pros of the vehicle include a refined driving character which makes it fell expensive when you are behind the wheel. The interior of the car boasts of top-notch craftsmanship and opulence that will get you the best in comfort.


While driving on the road, the power of a car counts a lot and that is where the rapid acceleration from 3.0T engine comes in handy. In the event that you have luggage then the unique sliding rear seat provides extra versatility. But where looks matter the Audi Q5 has an understated styling that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself, and it also includes more standard features (including all-wheel drive) than its German-brand competitors.


However the luxury SUV is not all comfort and no cons. Here are a few things to ponder about if you need exceptional comfort. Due to its suspension system, the ride or drive the Q5 gives might be too firm for some people. There are newer Audis that have more safety features and very advanced electronic controls than our luxury SUV, and other cars from the rival companies even perform better on this end. For those who like to listen to music or you would want to perform other such tasks, it frustratingly lacks the use of a USB port. Again in terms of safety, it has no accident-avoidance technology is available. For fuel consumption, diesel model has been discontinued due to faulty emissions equipment.


But on the whole, it is still a better bargain even if it lacks technologies that are up-to-date such as forward collision mitigation with automatic braking, surround-view parking cameras, and adaptive cruise control. But if you are comfortable connecting your devices the old Audi way and the added safety features are not a priority for you, the Audi Q5 is you all times favourite luxury SUV. It has many other virtues that make it a must-drive car.

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