Toyota now has new, unbeatable lease deals. Customers are often confused by the leasing process, so they shy away from it or make regrettable financial decisions. Car dealers are not the ones that lease out the vehicle; leasing is just another method of financing. Because leasing is financing a lease will go through a bank or leasing company. Most customers are aware that car leasing tends to interpret into lower monthly payments, but many actually don’t understand what a lease is or how it works. Sites such as Edmunds, are ideal for showing outstanding deals and no-haggle prices from dealers. Edmunds can, “find exclusive deals, capitalize on incentives and connect with local dealers.” An easy way to describe leasing is to say that it is like renting a car, but that is deceptive. Leasing is just a different way of financing a vehicle. The main difference between leasing and a traditional car loan is that leasing is basically paying for the use of a vehicle instead of the purchase.


With a conventional car loan, some of the monthly payment goes toward paying off the vehicle, and the rest pays the finance charge. In a lease agreement, the actual vehicle is never paid for because payment goes to the use of the vehicle plus the finance charge. One reason to choose to lease over purchasing is that at the end of the lease agreement the leasing company is left to deal with the aggravation of the vehicle.


There are many reasons to choose to lease a Toyota. According to eAutoLease, “Toyota offers some of the nicest, and most popular vehicles.” Toyota vehicles are very durable, meaning that the vehicles are an excellent quality, so one does not have to worry about it not lasting. Toyota makes safety a number one concern when producing their vehicles; therefore, Toyota had more IIHS top safety picks, in 2013, than any other brand. A great thing about Toyotas is that they are mostly American made. Toyota ranks highest in amount of American built vehicles and has the most ranked top economically green vehicles in Kelley Blue Book. Toyota is the most innovative brand, producing new innovations with every model. Toyota is an industry leader in quality, efficiency, and economy. JD Powers ranked Toyotas with the highest reliability numbers compared to other vehicles. For years, customers have found that the quality if a Toyota is the best in the industry.


Zooomr┬áis a great website to discover a leasable Toyota Camry. Toyota Camrys are perfect for lease deals because they are Sedans. Sedans tend to get great fuel economy. This is especially important for those who use their vehicles to travel many miles; however, fuel economy should be considered by everyone. A unique asset of a Sedan is that they have much more headroom than other vehicles, such as crossovers. This extra head space is typically necessary for taller drivers or those with high hairdos. Toyota says, “Camry features front sport seats and paddle shifters to help make the journey a lot more exciting.” Sedans are proven vehicles meaning that everyone knows what they are getting with a sedan. This quality is quite comforting to most when leasing a vehicle. One of the sedans greatest features, besides its stylish look, is that even without a backup camera, it is easy to look around and back into a parking space. Many larger vehicles are difficult to maneuver.


Leasing a vehicle is often confusing, but with Toyotas great lease deals, it may be worth getting informed. The Toyota Camry is a fantastic sedan that is durable, safe, super quality and economically friendly. What’s not to love about a Toyota?