The Mini Cooper reviews are reflective of the frenzy this car has caused. Last sold in 1967, it has made an echoing comeback with a blast. Up until 2001, the Mini Cooper has been a classic car that makes everyone want to have one. Since it wasn’t manufactured in the last three decades, it was hard to have and some people search the world for it. It has been restored and set up and has become a true collectible.

The Mini Cooper reviews are about the exterior, interior and performance of this car. The exterior still has the same retro and classic feel yet being true to the modern day it is born in. It is basically still the same style and shape as it was in the 1960s but little changes here and there makes it stand out with its cross of modernity and retro which is probably one of the biggest reasons why the Mini Cooper has made such a huge comeback. Because it is tiny, it has great maneuverability and the latest versions have more horsepower. The Mini Cooper reviewers weren’t too happy with the steering and wish for improvement in this area.

The Mini Cooper reviews on the interiors of this car mentioned it as very reminiscent of the rally car that it was back in the day yet being up to date enough that gives a technologically advanced feel. Given all the models that BMW has come up with during the last decade when this car has been constantly revamped, it still has the speedometer right in the middle of the dashboard on all the models. Another signature of the Mini Cooper.

The Mini Cooper reviewers have also mentioned how roomy it is for the driver and the front seat passenger but not comfortable enough for those seating behind. The rear seating can become awkward when the front seats are pushed back for the comfort of those sitting in front. The space behind the rear seats is also another downside according to the Mini Cooper reviews as it can’t accommodate much luggage. The space behind the rear seats can only become very useful when the rear seat itself is folded which then allows a bigger space. The Mini Cooper being a small car makes it understandable.

The engine and performance is another topic in the Mini Cooper reviews. The basic model comes with 4-cylinder, 1.6 liter engine that generates 115 horsepower and for a small car, it has great power that comes at par with speed-trip vehicles. The Mini Cooper reviews are a lot about the six speed manual transmission which means a higher top speed. Another feature is the run flat tires that give amazing grip and handling.

The Mini Cooper reviewers have been entirely impressed with the safety of this car. All the models include Anti-lock brake system, cornering brake control with electronic brake force distribution and most especially the engine that is designed to protect the front seat passenger and the driver by breaking away from the hood during a head-on collision.

The economics is another topic of the Mini Cooper reviews. It has fuel efficiency that makes it at par with other sub-compact cars that are addressed specifically to economics in the market. It is priced more than the others but after all, the Mini is a high-end vehicle that has performance above the other sub-compacts. Based on the Mini Cooper reviews, it is safe to say that it is a classic car that is originally designed for rally that has returned equipped with sufficient advance in technology and therefore makes it a functional yet fun car.

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