To lease a car or to buy a car is a common question many consumers ask. Wise consumers know to do their research, to calculate the risks versus the rewards, and to figure out which option is more cost-effective. This is why so many consumers are more likely to lease their new vehicles in this day and age. The world is changing fast, and leasing is become more popular for consumers because of the many benefits. In the past, people were more likely to buy a house and stay in that house for decades. They were more likely to get a job and stay with that company for decades. They were more likely to buy a car, pay it off, and drive it until it was so old it no longer worked and a new car was a necessity.

The world is not like that anymore. Millennials are changing the game in every aspect. They’re less likely to buy a home in favor of renting so they have more freedom to move when they feel the need. They stay at jobs for three to four years on average before jumping ship and starting new with a bigger, better position elsewhere, and they’re more likely to change their mind abou the car they drive long before they have a chance to pay it off. Many millennials will never know what it’s like not to make a car payment every month, and that’s what makes leasing such a sweet option.

You Always Drive A New Car

This is a society with a penchant for instant gratification. Everyone wants the newest, the best, and the most tech-savvy product on the market, and vehicles are not an exception to this rule. Many people want to have the newest body style, the most up-to-date technology, and the most luxurious features. This means trading in their current car every two to three years to keep up with that demand. When you own your car, you can’t do that. You likely owe a lot more than it’s worth, which means you either find a way to pay off the additional loan amount or you put it into a new car. This makes it more expensive all together, and it means paying for two cars at once for a much longer timeframe. When you lease, you always have a new car every two to three years when your lease period ends.

You Always Drive A Luxury Car

You’re not required to drive a luxury car, but it’s a much more affordable way to lease. If you can’t afford a top-of-the-line luxury car as a buyer, you should consider it as someone who is leasing. Many people who drive luxury cars choose to lease them since the payments are much lower than buying. If you like to have the best of the best, leasing is the way to make that happen.

You Always Have an Affordable Payment

This is a society in which people want the best of the best, but they don’t want to pay for it. This means leasing is the best option. You get the best for your money, and you pay far less to drive it. It’s affordable, it means fewer fees, lower down payments in most cases and no down payments in others, and it typically means basic maintenance is free of charge.

In this world, leasing is a much wiser option for those who want more for less right now. It’s not the answer for high-mileage drivers, but it is the answer for those who like to drive a new car, put few miles on it, and take good care of it. If you’re considering a leased vehicle as an option, now is the time to get into the market to see just how well it benefits you and your current lifestyle.

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