Having a car is part and parcel with the American dream. It is the freedom to go where we want, when we want. Cars have really evolved in recent decades, and with so many different makes and models to choose from it is often hard to keep up. If you are currently in the market for a new car, you might now be trying to decide how to go about getting it. On the one hand, car ownership appeals to you because you can do what you want with the vehicle, while on the other hand the knowledge that can you change cars every three years for a new one can be exciting. To help you make a better and more informed decision, take a look at the following information relating to the two most common ways to get into a car today.

How Important is Ownership to You?

For many people, owning a car in their name does not really matter. What is important is that they can drive the car that they want, when they want it. That is what you get with a lease. You will get a brand new car with no miles on it. You can then drive it for three years and turn it back in just about the time that the ‘newness’ of the vehicle begins to wear off. While you technically do not own the car during this time, nobody else can take it from you as long as you make the payments. You also don’t have to worry about trying to sell it before you can go get another new car.

How Much Do You Drive?

One thing that you will want to consider is how much you plan to drive the new car. There is a limitation placed on many miles you can put on a lease, depending upon the terms of the contract. If you were to go over that allowance, you will need to pay a flat fee per mile that you went over when you to turn the car back over to the dealership. When you own a car, you will not need to worry about any such limitation, so you can drive it as often and as far as you want to.

How Good of a Salesman Are You?

This is an important question to consider because you will likely need to turn into a salesman yourself at some point if you choose to purchase a car. This is because you will want to get some money out of the vehicle eventually so that you can have a down payment to place on your next new car. This is a never ending cycle. Keep in mind that most people today are not willing to pay top dollar for a used car, so you will not likely get what you feel your car is worth. With a lease, you never have to worry about selling the car. There is no fee to pay the dealership when you go to turn the back back over. Just hand it in and look for your next new car. It really is as simply as that.

Are You A Mechanic?

If you are not good with car repairs, you will likely be paying for more than a few when owning your car outright. As cars age, you will have some expenses to take care of. Eventually, even the manufacturer’s warranty will go away, leaving you to pay for all of the repairs that need to happen. With a lease, the car is always new enough that the need for such repairs rarely materialize. Even if they do, you will find that the car is under a warranty, so you will not incur anything out of pocket.

There are certainly other aspects of burying or leasing a car that may be relevant to you, but this gives you a great deal of information to begin your quest. You will want to look for a car that you want and within a price range that you can afford. If you do that, everything else should fall into place for your nicely.

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