If you are thinking of a car deal, leasing or buying, Zooomr is the place for you. We have simplified the car buying and leasing process for you. Zooomr knows that the process of car leasing can be a real pain. This is why we have improved on the vehicle leasing and buying procedures and made more and more dealers, in their numbers, contend for your business. Zooomr does business with the automobile sellers and thereby eliminating the hustles you would go through, in reaching out to them. Zooomr clients enjoy low prices on car leases from all car dealers in our Manhattan group. Any car lease value quoted on Zooomr, guarantees to our customers.

Why Choose Us

Zooomr stands out as neither a car dealership nor an automobile broker. However we offer a platform where car dealers as well as brokers, interact and whose competition to offer the best price deals, guarantees good bargains for our clientele.

Delivering at your Convenience: Zooomr is keen on making the leasing process, a satisfying experience. In that same spirit, we ensure that your next car delivery suits your convenience by bringing it right to your doorstep.

Getting You, Your Car Specifications: We will strive to ensure that we deliver, the vehicle you need, that matches the price you quote.

Numerous Bids: We are committed to getting you several bids, from brokers including dealers, which ensures you get the top price deals regardless of your vehicle’s value.

Ease of the Lease: we take charge of the negotiations to get the lowest prices for you, thereby saving you the time including hustles you would have otherwise had to grapple with.

What is a lease?

It’s a common belief that lease agreements are long-term car arrangements, rental in nature. The two are quite different. The leasing party pays for the usage of the vehicle. Contractual terms indicate that you, the lessee, handles the vehicle within a specified mileage during the lease period. Adjusting the traveling distance comes with higher monthly payments. Lease sums made to the lessor, cater for the loss in value of the automobile, due to the constant use, by you, the leasing party.

Why Lease Cars?

Several reasons explain the need for leasing. For starters, leasing is less expensive as opposed to buying a vehicle. Its inexpensive nature is attributed to the fact that the lease agreement provides for lower monthly payments compared to those made in car purchase agreements. When one considers the maintenance expenses in a lease agreement, their low-cost nature reinforces on the low price in such contracts. Lease vehicles are relatively new and become fully depreciated when the need for a major servicing arises. In any case, most vehicles under the lease agreement, fall under manufacturer warranty periods and therefore all minor repair needs, are taken up by the manufacturer. Leasing periods normally range between 2-3 years. Considering this as the case, it is possible for one to own a new vehicle with every few years compared to car buyers who end up with ownership rights for a 6-7 year period. As an added advantage, opting out, in a lease is much easier than it is selling one’s car.

Contents in a Lease Agreement

Selling Value: Monthly payments, in a lease agreement, are pegged on a vehicle’s selling value. It, therefore, follows that the higher the asking price, the higher the sums channeled towards the lease settlement.

Residual Value and Percentage: The auto’s residual value is presented as a percentage figure. In consideration of higher residual percentage (%), means that the depreciation attached to the value of the vehicle is low. This, therefore, follows that lower monthly lease payments are made.

Millage: Every lease agreement has its careful consideration on the miles to be covered annually. The traveling distance directly affects payments to be honored. In the event the miles are exceeded, there is a fee to be paid. Understanding this allows for careful planning of the monthly miles to be covered, to avoid paying the penalty.

Disposal Fee: This is an amount charged in the agreement, caters for the renewal of the vehicle after the termination of the agreement. The charges range from $300 to $500.

Money Value Attached: The lower the monetary value attached to the contract, the better the agreement for the lessee.

Car Leasing compared to Car Buying

Being on this page, signifies you are considering a car lease option in Manhattan. Understanding both car leasing including buying will be of importance before you make a decision. It is an exercise in prudence to understand what best suits you. Zooomr believes in equipping yourself fully with the know-how before getting to any car lease.

Ownership of Cars in Lease Agreements

In buying a car either through cash payment terms or through a loan, the ownership rights transfer to you, the buyer. However, it is quite different in car lease agreements. The ownership of the car fully belongs to the dealership or the lessor. That explains the payments made that are less in value as compared to purchase payments. Sums under a lease cater for the usage of the car.

Zooomr will walk you through the entire leasing process to ensure that you get an offer suited for you. It is important for you to know that, the monthly payments are pegged on the sale price of the car. This of course will depend on the model you choose. Another contributing factor is the rate of depreciation. This is normally referred to as the residual percentage. We will explain to you the options at your disposal so that you can make an informed choice based on the lowest payments plan.

Down Payments

In purchase agreements, especially those that involve periodic payments, a down payment has to be made. In some situations like a trade-in, the vehicle’s worth is taken up as the down payment. Upfront fees are centered on the lender’s assessment as well as the buyer’s credit score. In leasing, there is no requirement of a down payment. Monthly payments including security deposits, acquisition costs, taxes and other expenses, make up for the cost implications in lease contracts.

Future Value

Buying a car involve a careful consideration of its value when you decide to dispose of it. Factors like depreciation and its maintenance have a direct impact on its value. Leasing provides a better option as one does not have to worry about the car’s future value, seeing as they are not the owners.

Final Payments

In car purchase agreements, once the full payment is done, the buyer assumes the car’s ownership rights. The dealership or the seller of the vehicle sends over the “title” as proof of your ownership. Lease agreements are quite different. The lessee does not acquire ownership privileges. When the final payments are made, the leasing party is free from any contractual obligations of the lease necessitating the need for the lessor to take back his/her vehicle. However, there are some lease agreements that offer the buying alternative to the lessee. This means that you have a buying option on the termination of the lease agreement period.

We have hearkened to the call of many who find the process daunting by simplifying things for you.

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