The Toyota Highlander is among the best SUVs in the market currently, and it resolutely remains a top contender for the best family-friendly SUVs. This is the perfect car for buyers who are repelled by the many minivans available in the market as well as those who dislike the powerful and fuel guzzler V-8 engine vehicles. The Toyota Highlander offers the best option for this particular category of buyers as its V6 or four-cylinder engine, all-wheel or front-wheel drive options and various distinctive trim levels present attractive and desirable attributes in an SUV. Although few SUV owners were concerned about its relatively high price, the Toyota Highlander’s overall performance and beautiful design overshadowed the car’s aforementioned price. With its remarkable fuel economy, large interior spacing and nimble handling, the Toyota Highlander stand tall above all SUVs in the current market.

Benefits of the Toyota Highlander

Remarkable fuel economy

One thing that both critics and owners of previous models of the Toyota Highlander agree on is that it is a pleasant car to drive. This experience results from its smooth and balanced handling. Its advanced V6 engine and six-speed automatic transmission makes the Toyota Highlander one of the fastest SUVs in the market and can even compete with some V8 SUVs. The car’s high suspension gives you the perfect elevation to properly view the road as you drive.

Large Interior Spacing

The Toyota Highlander has got enough interior spacing that can even make you think you are in a Lexus due to its high-quality material, unique design, and quietness in addition to the interior spacing. This ensures that everyone in the front and back seats have enough seating space.

Nimble Handling

The Toyota Highlander can be considered as one of the best SUVs in terms of handling as it maintains perfect road composure, even when you are driving on a loose surface road or maneuvering tight corners. This also enhances your sense of security when driving the car at high speeds.

Beautiful exterior design

The car’s exterior has been designed in the most beautiful way using the latest body designing techniques. This results in a high level of aesthetic beauty that catches the eye of any bystander or even fellow drivers on the road. It will surely ‘take your breath away.’

Impressive Engine Performance

Since the car has an impressive eight or six-speed automatic transmission, it ensures the SUV has sharp accelerations and decelerations. The engine is also highly reliable, provides incredible rapid downshifts and works perfectly. The car also generates sufficient power to carry its maximum load weight without experiencing any problem.

Towing Capability

The V6 and 4-cylinder engines have the capability of easily towing 5000 and 1500 pounds respectively by using either the front drive or all-wheel drive options. Additionally, the car can also come with a heavy-duty engine and transmission cooling capabilities.

Limitations of the Toyota Highlander

Exasperating Driver Experience

Sadly, it has been noted that the V6 engine can be a bit sluggish and have unfriendly miles per gallon traveling experience. The car’s braking system has also been reported to have several mechanical issues, thus diminishing its braking effectiveness. In the end, these factors exasperate a driver’s experience.

Little Space in the 3rd Row Seats

Unfortunately, the car was designed to have sufficient seat space in the first two seating rows. This left minimal space for the third-row seats. The cramped space limits grownups from using these seats, but they would be comfortable for kids.

Excessive processes on the Dash Interface

The Toyota Highlander’s touchscreen interface requires a lot of repetitious touches before finally instructing the system what you need to be done. Additionally, there is the presence of old-design knobs found on the dashboard, which diminishes the impressiveness of the touchscreen interface.


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