While the Toyota Corolla continues to be one of the most popular compact sedans on the market, many of today’s car buyers consider it an uninspired option among new automobiles. However this is not necessary the case, as the 2017 Toyota Corolla now contains several changes and offers many new options. These developments and an agreeable price tag continues make this make and model a hit with loyal consumers.


One the plus side, Toyota Corolla sedans for 2017 from the “L” budget model to the top-priced “XSE” model feature an impressive array of standard safety items. These include automatic high beams, an alert for unwanted lane departments, a lane keeping assist, built-in detection for pedestrians and a cruise control that is adaptive to a driver’s needs. Unfortunately, Toyota does not offer a monitoring system to watch out for dangerous blind spots on any of its Corolla models. (Caranddriver.com/toyota/corolla-im)

What’s new for 2017?


In addition to its enhanced safety systems, a stylish exterior adds value to this year’s Toyota Corolla. A renewed exterior gives car owners a front hood that has been updated to give this most reliable of automobiles a fresh look. Drivers will also appreciate the redesign given its headlights and the covers on its taillights.

2017 also removes the Corolla S from the Toyota lineup. Toyota has replaced it with the XSE and SE versions. These upgraded models include many extras like “large faux brake-cooling ducts” and LED vertical daytime lights for added protection while driving.


Changes have been given to the Toyota Corolla Sedan’s trusted Interior. Drivers will now find an infotainment touchscreen. This dashboard interface now includes a “gauge cluster” that resembles the one previously found in the Scion iM and Toyota Corolla iM. There has also been a redesign of the climate control board and the outboard circular air vent system. (Edmunds.com/toyota/corolla)

One of the biggest assets of owning a Toyota Corolla has been its comfortable and roomy back seat. Unlike many other cars in its class, the Corolla offers back seat passengers almost 41.5 inches of legroom. This measurement means that a semi-compact Corolla literally has 2.5 inches more legroom than its larger sportier cousin the Toyota Camry. Passengers in the middle of the back seat will be able to comfortably rest their feet on the car floor. This owes to the fact that the floor is flat, unlike other automobiles that traditionally have a “hump” in their center.

Engine power:

One thing that hasn’t changed on the Toyota Corolla is its engine power. All Corolla models utilize a 1.8 liter four cylinder engine, which gives the automobile “132 horsepower and 128 lb-ft of torque.” All models of the Corolla have an automatic (CVT) transmission. For those drivers who still wish to drive a car with a six speed manual transmission, the option exists only for those who choose to purchase an SE model.

Fuel Economy:

For consumers looking for a car with superior fuel economy, the Toyota Corolla is not rated tops in its class. Under testing conditions, the experts at Car and Driver magazine found that the Corolla averaged 26 miles per gallon in mixed driving conditions. This figure rose to 32 miles per gallon when driving at 75 miles per hour on the highway.

The driving experience

Diehard Toyota lovers will appreciate the 2017 Toyota Corolla despite its shortcomings. Important improvements such as sturdier brakes and a more stylish exterior continue to entice consumers. The Corolla XSE is sure to please with heated front seats, leather-like seating and automatic sunroof. These join a standard option push button start key and infotainment system with Apple CarPlay/Android apps.

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