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Have you ever sat and wondered if there is a car that can perfectly handle any terrain and problems the universe throws at it? Well then, there is a car that does exist, and that is the Subaru Forester. The Subaru Forester can be considered as a crossover mini SUV and by delivering top notch turbocharged engine performance, roomy interior, all-wheel drive, and excellent ground clearance; it can be considered the best car in its market base. The 2017 model offers new features that make it stand out in an intensely competitive crossover SUV market, and surprisingly it has held its own fairly well so far. With its new fuel economy and safety features, the Subaru Forester has enhanced its popularity among Subaru and Subaru Forester lovers respectively. This has led to the continuous rise in the car’s sales over the years.

Benefits of the Subaru Forester

Roomy Interior

Although the Subaru Forester can be described as a crossover mini SUV, the latest 2017 model will shock you with the amount of interior space that is available for you and your family or friends. There is enough room to allow grownups to sit comfortably in the back seats as well as having extra space for your luggage in the boot. Additionally, the large windows enhance the car’s airy and spacious feeling, which makes everyone in it enjoy the drive.

Amazing Fuel Economy

The 2017 Subaru Forester model is equipped with a 2.5i turbocharged engine that has an EPA of 28 miles per gallon, doing 32 and 26 mpg on highways and city respectively. This is an exceptional fuel economy statistic considering it is a crossover mini SUV and its turbocharged engine. However, if you end up using a manual transmission, the car’s fuel economy can take a little dip.

Enough standard features

The 2017 model comes with more than enough standard features for a crossover mini SUV, which are not incorporated in other Subaru Forester models. This model comes with an amazing rear-view camera, Bluetooth, 6.5-inch main touchscreen display, a folding back seat, wonderful sound system, CD player and an HD radio, USB port, and smartphone app integration.
Excellent Visibility

One thing that the new Subaru Forester has been able to eliminate is the blind spots that currently exist in other crossover mini SUVs. This has been achieved by the car’s massive windows as well as the rearview camera.

Latest Safety Features

Over time, safety has become one of the most important features in all cars, and the new 20171 Subaru Forester hasn’t been left behind. It has been loaded with the latest and numerous safety features such as the antilock disc brake system, stability and traction control, front, driver’s knee and side airbags, rearview camera. The car’s Starlink system offers advanced automatic impact notification, door unlock and emergency assistance features.

Limitations of the Subaru Forester

Sadly, with all the new features and benefits, the 2017 Subaru Forester has a few limitations.

Unstable Cornering

Since the car has highly raised suspensions, it slightly but noticeably affects the car’s cornering capability, especially when you are traveling on winding or curvy roads. However, it will still maintain good road stability, and most drivers will not be too concerned by this.

Underperforming CVT

Even though the new 2017 Subaru Forester uses an advanced CVT engine, it generates a lot of RPM noise, especially during hard acceleration instances. There are cases where a manual transmission also produces some noise, which affects the tranquility of a nice Sunday evening drive.

Unsatisfactory Base Model

Though it is imperative to acknowledge that the 2017 base model is equipped with numerous features, it incorporates several key features that already exist on other trims. Some of the features that this base model can upgrade are the turbo engine and the AWD.


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