Listing all the benefits of leasing vs. buying a new car is lengthy, but there are a few that stand out among the crowd. When you put into perspective the fact that buying a car is simply more expensive than leasing one or that leasing isn’t the best option for drivers who put a lot of miles on their car each year, it seems there’s not much more to discuss. The truth is there is a lot more to list than just the financial aspect of things. If you’re already well-versed on the financial benefits of leasing vs. buying, it’s time to take into consideration the other benefits of leasing vs. buying.

Comfort and Care

Leased vehicles are returned to the dealership when a lease is up. The car is only a model year or two old, and that means it’s time to resell the car to someone else. The dealer wants the car in excellent condition, and they want it to look good. This means they’re requiring you to keep up with the maintenance while it’s in your care by continuing to provide service free of charge. It’s also a car you only keep for a short period of time, and that means you won’t run out of warranty before it’s time to turn it in. Not only is this a financial relief for many car owners, it also provides a sense of comfort to all who want to drive a car they know they can trust to work.

It’s Temporary

Perhaps the biggest benefit of driving a lease is keeping it only temporarily. You love your car when you drive it off the lot, but vehicles change so much and so often it’s easy to feel that love turn to like. You see a newer model with a cooler appearance or more features, or you love your car but need a larger one now that you’re beginning a family. With a lease, this car is only yours temporarily. It means you get to trade it in for a new one before you have time to decide you no longer love it.


Driving a leased vehicle means you’re driving a reliable car. If you have a budget you must stick to, you get to drive a car that’s newer and probably significantly nicer for the same monthly payment as you would buying a new car. This means you needn’t forgo a brand-new car that’s never been driven in favor of a used car someone else has abused over the years just to afford what you want. This kind of reliability is what many drivers are lacking on the road.


You’re not any safer in a leased car than a car you buy, but you stay safer longer in a leased car. As your purchased car sits in the driveway getting older every year, your leased car is turned in for a newer model every two to three years. This means you get newer and more comprehensive safety features each time your lease ends. With a purchased car, you don’t get to trade it in for a new car with better safety features every other year.

Driving a lease is no different than driving a purchased car, but it’s more affordable. You get to purchase a much newer, much more luxurious car for the same price, and you get to get rid of it when you start to grow tired of it. It’s a win-win situation for all.