Mercedes –Benz has been producing executive sedans since 1953 and has become one of the most popular car brands in the entire world. These executive sedans ended up being called the E-Class, and ever since the late 1980s; it has created a market full of Mercedes E-Class lovers. Over the past three decades, Mercedes-Benz has sold approximately 3 million E-Class cars, which directly shows its increasing popularity over the years. The latest 2017 model has the newest technological advancements installed in luxury sedans, making the E-Class the best luxury sedan worldwide. With the new features that have come with the latest 2017 model, it has several benefits that will make you love the car all the more.

Latest Safety Features

The 2017 E-Class model has incorporated several unique and highly developed safety features that are not found in other sedan cars. These safety features ensure that the occupants are always safe under all conditions, which include:
Drive Pilot – This is an intelligent cruise control technology that enables you to maintain normal speeds depending on the current traffic flow. It also ensures the car stays in its lane, especially in curvy roads. Additionally, Drive Pilot can automatically change the lane you are currently in by simply turning the signal lever.
• PRE-SAFE Impulse Side – The PRE-SAFE Impulse Side is a new feature that uses radar technology to detect any immediate side impact. In the case of an impact, this technology inflates the front driver or passenger seat section to minimize the chances of danger or injuries.
• Seatbelt Air Bags – This is a new innovative airbag technology that is employed in the rear seatbelts. There are three identified points in the seatbelts where the airbags are installed and are designed to immediately inflate in case you are involved in a front collision. This guarantees that you are protected from unnecessary collision force.

Latest Performance Features

• Dynamic Select – This is a new multi-mode drive system that allows you to choose from the current four drive modes (Sport +, Sport, Comfort, and ECO) in the car using a switch. It also offers an extra drive mode that gives you the choice of customizing your individual driving needs.
• Air Body Car Control – This new technology enables your car’s suspension to use pressurized air springs and sensors to adjust to your real-time driving conditions automatically. When driving on rough road surfaces and through sharp or winding turns, this technology immediately adjusts your car’s ride-height and enhances the suspension firmness to match the road’s condition.

Latest Technology Features

• A large Main Display Screen – The E-Class model has the largest high-resolution main display screen than any other luxury sedan on the market. The screen refreshes within seconds and has high pixel count to produce crisp and clear images and texts.
• Touch Enabled Steering Wheel – This model has ground-breaking touch controls located on its steering wheel using sensitive touchpads similar to those used on smartphones, which offers touch- access to every feature available in the car. This touch control feature enables you to swipe through the available menus and functions as you continue driving your car with your hands still on the steering wheel.