Currently, one of the best SUVs is the 2017 Honda CR-V and has garnered a huge following since its inception into the SUV market back in 1997. The car ideally stands for a comfort runabout vehicle, which is the exact description of the crossover CR-V main mission. Although the SUV market has a broad range of vehicles to choose from, none of them comes close to the Honda CR-V due to its great interior, exceptional fuel economy, well-tuned turbo engine, sufficient passenger space and cargo space. Additionally, this model has the latest tech features and numerous infotainment features to select from. The Honda CR-V has also benefitted from the outstanding safety scores and dependability, which has played a significant role in ensuring it remains one of the most popular crossover SUVs. With all the new additional features in the latest CR-V model, it has surely cemented itself as the best SUV of 2017.

Excellent Reliability History

One of best features of the Honda CR-V that is praised by both previous and current owners is the excellence of its reliability. This SUV can easily clock approximately 310,000 miles without breaking down often and requiring frequent visits to the garage. The new and high efficient turbo engine has also enhanced the Honda CR-V’s reliability through its durability and longevity. Lastly, the car has a warranty that makes sure that new owners know their cars are completely covered in case of an accident or breaking down when under 60,000 miles.

High-Performance Turbocharged Engine

Other than the Honda CR-V LX model, every other model uses the new and well-tuned turbocharged engine. This engine gives a driver an extra punch when stepping on the gas pedal as it generates approximately 189 horsepower and 178 of torque. Its engine ensures you get improved gas mileage when compared to other SUVs as you can average approximately 31 miles per gallon, doing 34 and 28 mpg on highways and city respectively.

Sufficient Ground Clearance

To enjoy the off-road experience without worrying whether your car will get damaged, you should make sure your car has enough ground clearance, and the Honda CR-V has one of the best ground clearances in the market. The 2017 model has an optional all-wheel-drive system that guarantees excellent driving experience even during winter. It has an additional 1.5” ground clearance that makes it maneuver over snow and other vegetation with ease.

Reliable Base Engine

Honda CR-V can be considered to one of the best four-cylinder engines in its market and has a good reputation of having excellent longevity. The turbo engine in this car has been uniquely designed to deliver a satisfying driving experience. With the engine generating 190 horsepower and an average 178 pounds of torque, this makes it among the most powerful crossover SUVs in its market. The new 2017 model is equipped with the latest CVT automatic transmission, which improves the engine’s overall performance.

Quiet and Comfortable Ride

With its upgraded high-performance suspension, the CR-V delivers a comfortable, soft and quiet ride by easily absorbing the bumps on the highway or when you are driving off-road. Although the Honda CR-V is used as an everyday vehicle by most people, its features can be best utilized when it used for an off-road journey.

Enhanced Driving Dynamics

The new 2017 model has the latest electric steering systems found among the SUVs in its class, which offers a superior driving experience. The new systems ensure that you will experience an engaging and comfortable experience, whether you are driving on the highway, in town or off-road.

Stocked EX Model

The new EX model of the Honda CR-V is available at a relative and pocket-friendly price for SUV lovers. It costs slightly below $ 27,000 and has a new and advanced turbocharged engine, 18” alloy wheels and rear spoilers. It also has a backup camera, numerous safety technologies, and smartphone integration.