Ford is among the top rated car manufacturers. With such a reputation to maintain, they make sure that every car they design and manufacture is a masterpiece in both design and performance. The Ford Fusion is one example of the masterpieces Ford has been producing over the years. Although the Fusion is new in the market, its popularity is growing fast as it offers a good performance at an affordable price. To fully understand what this car is capable of, here are some of its features and specs.

Features and specs
The Ford Fusion offers what it promises. What you see is what you get. It comes equipped with a 16 valve, a 2.5L engine that can give up to 175 horsepower at 6000RPM. With such an engine, performance is not an issue to you. You can be sure the car has enough power to drive you wherever you want.

The engine sucks up 25mpg from the 16.5L fuel tank. This can save you a lot of money when it comes to fueling your Fusion. The fuel tank is enough for you to drive long distances without stopping regularly for gas.

The car is a front wheel drive with a 6-speed automatic shifter. You can also get the all-wheel drive version when you get the eco boost version of the Ford Fusion.

The torque on the wheels is 175 ft.-lbs. at 4500 rpm, which is a guarantee that the car grabs the road sufficiently to give you maximum power.

Comfort and convenience
When it comes to offering luxury features at the best price, the Ford Fusion does it well. They made sure to incorporate both performance and luxury at a fair price. For this purpose, the Fusion comes with the following features.
• A button controlled ignition
• Proper cruise control
• A rear view camera
• Electric power steering
• Air conditioner and air filter
• Cup holders for both front and rear seats

The Ford Fusion was created to give the driver a sense of confidence on the road. For this reason, a lot was done to equip the Fusion with safety features such as:
Pedestrian detection pre-collision system: This system helps you to avoid hitting pedestrians by mistake. The system gives you a warning and prepares the brakes in case they detect a possible collision. It also comes with a cross traffic alert system. The radar system will also alert you when another car is getting too close to you.

Parking sensors: With the Ford Fusion, parking has been made easier. You no longer have to worry about those tight turns that often result in drivers hitting other parked cars or objects. The sensors warn you when the car gets too close to other cars or objects. Add that to the rear view camera that shows everything behind you and parking has never been easier!

Lane-keeping system: It is all about safety. They system warns you when you get out of your lane. Being on the road doesn’t have to be scary anymore. The Ford Fusion makes that possible.

Benefits of the Ford Fusion
With the above features, it is evident that the Fusion comes with out-of-this-world benefits. It offers you comfort, convenience, and some of the best performances that you can get from a normal sedan car.

The safety features also keep you and your family safe as you cruise down the road. The handling is also impressive in most terrains so you can enjoy driving.

It also comes with some luxury features to keep you entertained as you drive your car. If you have a taste in music then you will appreciate the 12 speaker sound system that comes with the Fusion.