Want to know the biggest advantage of leasing a Ford Focus in Long Island? A lot of car buyers have chosen the route of leasing over buying because they can upgrade to a newer and more reliable vehicle when the lease ends. If you bought a new car, you have to visit a bank to ask for a loan, and they will either approve or reject your application after several days. However, with leasing, the process happens much faster, such as within 24 to 48 hours, and because you pay predictable monthly payments, you can save money for other more important expenses.

Lease a Ford Focus: Why

The most popular choice in the 2017 Ford Focus is the SE at the mid level in the hatchback form. Every car buyer will have the chance to save extra cash from astoundingly good lease offers to give you incentive to lease a car. Eager car buyers have chosen the Ford Focus because every Ford Focus leased comes with a great deal. Instead of the full rebate you get from buying, however, you receive 0 percent APR financing for up to 72 months. To sweeten the pot, they even offer $750 in bonus cash. Nevertheless, keep in mind that leasing prices depend on the chosen style.

Leasing from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Ever wished you could skip the high pressure sales tactics of the car dealership and go right to the purchase? When you lease a Ford Focus through us, you never have to step foot inside the doors of a car dealership ever again. Our sales reps will negotiate favorable terms on your leasing agreement so that you don’t even have to worry about the business end of it.

Car Delivered as the Need Arises

Sometimes your hands are resting at the steering wheel when the car engine on your old car dies for good. What will you drive to work? You might be able to carpool with a buddy for a while, but nothing beats having your own car. When you lease a Ford Focus through us, we will scan over your information, and within 48 hours, we will make a decision on your lease. It happens that fast and makes having a backup car much easier. With every client who leases their car through us, we offer delivery to their home or office. Especially if you want to surprise your wife, son or daughter with a new Ford Focus, this can be a way to do it without them having the slightest idea what’s happening.

We Stand behind Our Customers

Throughout your lease term, we will stand behind you and answer questions as they arise. Whether you have questions or concerns, we will be there to assist you. You can speak with our concierge, and we will guide you through the process. Owning a new 2017 Ford Focus might be out of the question, but we can give you insider deals on a new lease when you do business through us.

The 2017 Ford Focus puts sporty handling, incredible safety features, comfortable riding and a high tech interior in its cross hairs. The car features all-wheel drive with dynamic torque. When you lease a Ford Focus in Long Island through us, we will negotiate with the leasing company to give you the best deal on your next car. Through the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the Ford Focus generates up to 160 horsepower. It features an assortment of exciting features to make it even more worth signing an affordable lease through us. To learn more, visit our website’s contact page and send us an email. We always respond in a timely fashion.