Ford F series is a series of light-duty trucks manufactured by Ford. Ford F-Series has been one of the best selling light duty truck in the United States since 1981. The F-Series includes commercial vehicles, and full chassis trucks with heavy-duty components with its latest release being 2017 F-150 thirteenth generation. Apart from the U.S, it is also one of the best selling trucks in Canada. These trucks are loved mostly due to their heavily powered engine with majority of the trucks powered by twin Turbo engines and up to 10-speed transmission. In addition, they are very economical since they use diesel, and do not consume much. Their latest release has undergone many changes regarding durability, quality, speed, design, and extra features such as adaptive cruise control.

2017 Ford F-150

The F-150 is the thirteenth generation of Ford vehicle manufacturers, and the latest release in the market. Compared to previous releases F-150 has undergone a couple of changes in terms of style and design. Its exterior has been improved to enhance durability equipped with an aluminum-intensive design. In addition, enhancement of technology with radar sensors fitted in front of the trucks to decrease speed on distance between it and another vehicle ahead. F-150 is Ford’s first fuel economical engine truck fitted with a twin turbo engine of 3.5L V6 version. F-150 recently received a 10Best Truck and SUV Winner Award. Though luxurious and fast, it is also expensive with the F-150 going at $65,120, but for a 375 horsepower engine, it certainly fits its price. Find out more on the website here

Why you should buy Ford F-150

There are a couple of reasons why this Series is worth your money, mostly for the Truck lovers. First, it delivers in terms of luxury with a cool interior fitted with massaging seats and up-to-date technology. Secondly, security is guaranteed with the radar sensors and aluminum exterior. Below are more reasons why the F-Series is worth your money.
• Firm and quality exterior- it’s hard to notice the difference between a loaded truck and an unloaded
• Automatic parking feature- The F-series is equipped with a 360 degrees camera with a lane-keeping assist reverse parking feature

2018 Ford F-150

The yet to be released F-150 is an upgrade of the 2017 Ford-150. The best selling truck in the market is said to receive an updated version by the year 2018 for its 40th birthday. The long awaited 3.0-litre turbo diesel engine is said to be the second diesel powered Ford in history. The bigger engine will offer more power yet economical than the 2017 edition. In addition, its exterior has undergone extensive changes on the rear and front view. Its interior has also undergone changes though not much as compared to safety features, which saw it ranked by the NHTSA an overall five-star rating. In Ford 2017, security features included; adaptive cruise control, and collision braking control but in 2018, an added pre-collision assist and pedestrian detection to warn the driver and brakes when necessary. The adaptive cruise control is also said to be modified to feature a stop-go traffic jam cruising.

Why you should buy 2018 Ford F-150

This edition is made specifically for those who enjoy vehicles with power, speed, quality, luxury, and a five-star security measure. The bigger engine offers massive towing services from the big horsepower the F-150 contains. Below are more reasons why the F-Series is worth your money.
• Stylish interior fitted with a sunroof and leather seats- Comfort is enhanced in the F-series with many added features said to be involved
• Smart stopping power and up-to-date technology – Security in passengers and pedestrians come first in the F-150 with pre-collision and auto-braking features involved.