Owning a car is easy, but buying a superior and powerful automobile is not a walk in the park. However, through car leasing in Long Island, you will discover the new Ford Escape. Shoppers have an opportunity to get the latest monthly specials for customers looking for new leases. A car lease allows you to drive a new car without necessarily investing a huge sum of money or taking a loan. At Edmunds, you will only be required to pay a small down payment with attractive terms.

Why lease Ford Escape?
Leasing is more beneficial than buying because you will not be required to invest too much money on the investment. It even allows you to purchase a car that is out of your price range. The mileage cap will likely not be exceeded. When the contract expires, you can lease a newer vehicle. You will also find leasing less complicated compared buying. This will give you a chance to invest your money on a business or something that could increase your income.

Why Ford Escape?
When you find Ford Escape, you get yourself comfort and capability that is designed with your needs in mind. The new Ford Escape is sleek and has a refined look that is paired with a high-tech performance to give you what you desire in a new car. This vehicle has a wide range of features that will give you a new experience and ability to tailor your car to fit your specific needs. With a vehicle made with such keenness, every drive would feel as if you are in an escape. Ford Escape is one of the bestselling in its class.

Ford Escape features
The car has a 2.0L Ecoboost engine that could attain around 245 horsepower and about 275 lb-ft of the torque. It is powered by a 6-speed automatic transmission for all the wheels. This is more power to give you an engaging drive. The efficiency of its 2.0L engine gives 2MPG in the city, but on the highway, it is 27MPG.

The interior of the Ford Escape has a modern design that is aimed at providing the maximum driver comfort. The availability of either partial or full leather seats gives you an opportunity to choose according to your style and need for comfort. However, in all the Ford Escape models is power seating that has lumber support while the titanium models have full leather. The lumber support is adjustable and has a memory of at least three drivers. It has technology features that are voice activated hence can keep you connected to your phone while at the same time keeping your eyes on traffic.

Tips for Ford Escape lease in long island
If you are looking forward to leasing a Ford Escape in Long Island area, here are some important issues to keep in mind.
• Find out about the model when leasing a Ford Escape because there are many of them with varied features. Note that leases are for new cars and the latest 2 Ford Escape models are in the inventory for the local dealers.

• Check the exterior design of the car as it makes the ford escape stand out with its stylish and sporty look.

• Look at the interior design as it was also made with the comfort of the driver and passengers in mind. The interior is also made from eco-friendly material and is spacious to facilitate the ferrying of a sizable cargo.

• The Ford Escape guarantees your safety and security while on the road because of its many features aimed at improving its control.

• Finding a good car dealer such as Zooomr will ensure that you get a new Ford Escape model in the comfort of your home.