Honda is one of the most popular car brands on the market, which makes it an ideal choice for those in the market for a new vehicle. Whether you’re a busy working individual or you’re a family that needs a reliable car, the Honda Accord is a wonderful option for you. The Honda Accord totes some of the most impressive features and specs when compared to other four-door sedans, making it a great car for even the pickiest of drivers.

Specs and Features
The Honda Accord has been in production for many years, and it only continues to get better with time. While it might be too small for some drivers who need additional cargo space, it is your basic four-door sedan with simplistic and more upgraded features. With 27 MPG city and 36 MPG highway efficiency, it’s one of the more fuel efficient vehicles on the market.

Its 278 horsepower engine is essential for steady pickup and reliable driving. Low-cost mileage and affordable repair work are great for drivers on a budget. If you feel that the Honda Accord is right for you, there are several models available to meet your needs. The first and most commonly purchased or leased is the Honda Accord sedan. You can also choose the Honda Accord coupe, which has only two doors and a larger trunk.

The Honda Accord comes in a rainbow of amazing and beautiful colors, from dark black to bright white and everything in between. You can add a range of upgrades to your Honda Accord if you’re interested, which include a sun roof, rear view camera and heated seats. If you’re interested in adding some of these features to your vehicle before leasing or buying, be sure to talk to your sales rep.

Honda has put a number of key safety features into all of their models, including the Accord. Front and side airbags make for a reliable and secure drive, ensuring that you feel confident in the way that you’re performing on the road. All Honda models go through rigorous testing to ensure safety and reliability. This allows you to feel great knowing that you’re choosing an option that works for your driving needs.

The Honda Accord has some of the best ratings out there when it comes to its driving features and specifications. Edmunds has given the Accord a 4.5 stars out of 5. Car and Driver has given the Accord 4.5 out of 5 because of all of its features, options and upgrades. Despite all of the professional reviews, you’ll find a number of people who simply love the Accord and are totally loyal to the brand. Once you make the decision to drive the Honda Accord, you’ll know why so many people love this car and drive it regularly.

Lease Options
If you feel that the Accord is the right car for you, there are a number of great Philadelphia Honda Accord Lease Deals readily available. Instead of purchasing the car outright, you can lease the vehicle and have it for your own without the high price tag involved. Once you’ve made the decision to start driving the Honda Accord, you’ll notice that it fits your driving needs quite well and provides the space that you and your loved ones need while on the road.

There are tons of different Honda Accord upgrades readily available to meet your needs. Once you begin to utilize this car for your everyday driving, you’ll know why so many people trust and know the car for what it is able to offer. Your local sales rep will be able to match you with an Accord that’s perfect for you. Leasing is a wonderful option for most individuals, so it’s worth taking a look into if you feel that it’s more affordable on your budget.

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