When looking to purchase a vehicle, it is important to take an in-depth look your available options and decide how to best fit your individual desires. In this review of the Honda Accord, we will examine some of its pro’s and con’s.

The History of the Accord
Since its debut by Honda in 1976, the Accord has become a popular choice among the growing variety of 4-door sedans. It gained popularity rapidly in 1989, becoming the first best-selling vehicle to be retailed under an import brand. With the continuing rise of fuel costs, and the additional restrictions on vehicle emissions, the Accord series quickly became well known. The name “Accord” was given to the vehicle series by Honda in an attempt to represent the harmony between people, society, and the automobile. As the Accord rose in popularity, new features were introduced to the subsequent vehicle series, and Honda is still making many innovative improvements to the sedan today.

Pro’s and Con’s of the Honda Accord:

There are truly many positive key features of the Honda Accord. Some of these features include its undeniable economic fuel efficiency, high safety rating, attractive aesthetic appeal, and general mechanic reliability. However, every vehicle has its downsides, so we will review those as well.

Fuel Efficiency
The Honda Accord has long been one of the most fuel efficient and economically sound vehicles on the market. When looking to get the most bang for your buck in fuel expenses, you may even want to consider the Hybrid version of the Accord. However, many complaints have arisen about the Hybrid Accord’s slow acceleration rate and lack of space. Still, the standard Accord can hold its own against many other sedans, some newer models even averaging 48 MPG on the highway, though most should expect to average between 20-30 MPG generally.

High Safety Rating
Earning a five star safety rating consistently in IIHS and NHSTA testing is a well known accomplishment of the Accord. Though not all Accords can claim this rating, generally it can be said that the Accord is a safe vehicle as. This is also particularly convenient when it comes to insuring the vehicle. All Accords from 2008 – present also come equipped standard with Stability Control. This makes the Accord a definite favorite of parents with teenage drivers. Still, while safety is definitely important, the standard Accord is not exactly the fastest car on the road.

Aesthetic Appeal and Innovative Design
Though some may consider the exterior of the Accord somewhat unimpressive, others find the classic and subtle design to be very pleasing without being too over-the-top. The clean and simple interior of the Accord is also said to be comfortable and uncomplicated, while still giving a high-end impression. The cabin of the Accord also has a fair amount of space. The intelligent and charming simplicity of the Accord has gained a large following over the years. Despite this, many find the finishes and materials of the Accord to be underwhelming. It really is a matter of personal preference.

Mechanic Reliability
Continuously the Accord has been rated one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. Used Accords typically have fantastic mechanic reliability. The dependability of this sedan has earned it a prestigious reputation as having one of the highest used car resale values. Unfortunately, some models in the series have been found to have mechanical and/or electronic issues, so be on the look out for potential problems in this area.

In conclusion, though the Honda Accord has many positive traits and has long been one of the most popular sedans available, every vehicle has its downsides. It is important to consider all aspects of any vehicle you purchase. We hope that this Review of the Honda Accord has been helpful.

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