For decades, the Honda Accord has been a best-selling vehicle in its class, and you may now be thinking about signing a lease for this sedan soon. As with previous years’ models, the new Honda Accord offers incredible benefits that add true value to your experience behind the wheel. However, before you sign your Los Angeles Honda Accord lease, it is important to learn about all of the positive and negative attributes of this vehicle and to experience its features and benefits yourself with a test drive. While many of the negative attributes are relatively minor, they may be enough to dissuade some drivers from signing a lease.

Exceptional Features Throughout the Vehicle
You can lease a base model of the Honda Accord for a very reasonable price if you have a qualifying credit score. While some drivers in the Los Angeles area may opt for a more luxurious trim level, the base model is well-equipped with features like Bluetooth functionality, USB ports, a trip computer, cruise control, an infotainment package, a sound system, climate control, power seat adjustments, audio and cruise functions on the steering wheel and more. If you want a split-folding rear seat to extend cargo space in the trunk from time to time, however, you will need to purchase an upgraded trim level. Both standard and upgraded trim levels of the Honda Accord also have great safety features, and these include multiple airbags for front and rear passengers, traction and stability controls, anti-lock brakes and more. Upgraded trim levels have advanced warning features to help you avoid collisions for added benefit.

A Comfortable Driving Experience
With an overall fuel economy rating of 30 miles per gallon, you may think that the Honda Accord would perform sluggishly on the road. However, this is not the case. The new Accord has excellent acceleration power combined with smooth, easy handling and maneuverability. Steering is responsive, but it can feel light at times. This sedan also boasts a quiet, spacious cabin with comfortable seating. You and your passengers will feel at ease in the Accord even when you are traveling down bumpy roads or on busy highways. This is truly a vehicle that you will love driving every day.

Bothersome Features in the Accord
The Honda Accord has not been one of the top-selling vehicles produced by this manufacturer for years without reason, and you can see that there is much to love about this car. However, there are some features in the new Honda Accord that may be bothersome or annoying for drivers. For example, some drivers have complained that the driver’s safety features are overly sensitive. One example is the frontal collision warning, which seems to go off prematurely and could be a distraction while you are driving. If you opt for the upgraded touchscreen interface on the infotainment system, you may find that the system is not easy to navigate. This is particularly true if you need to make adjustments to it while driving the car. In addition, for drivers who want to add luxurious features to your Accord, you may be sorely disappointed by the limited range of options available.

Affordable and well-equipped, the Honda Accord also is stylish and gives you an amazing driving experience overall. However, there are some practical design flaws in the Accord that may be difficult for some drivers to overcome. It is wise to test drive several different trim levels and to try out the optional features first-hand before you sign your Honda Accord lease. This will ensure that you make the best auto decision for a fabulous time on the road.

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