You’ve always dreamed of driving your own car. Maybe you want to zoom down the highway in a speedster, commute to work in luxurious sedan, or take the family out in a dependable SUV. Those dreams can become a reality with a lease. This option gets you into a new car at a fraction of its retail cost. And your monthly payments will be easy on your wallet.

Another plus of a Honda Accord Car lease is that it typically ends before your car needs any expensive servicing or repair. You won’t have to spend any money getting your vehicle out of the mechanic’s bay. Because leased cars automatically fall under the manufacturer’s warranty, any potential major costs are already covered.

What Does Leasing a Honda Accord Car Involve?
Although leasing a vehicle is easy, it usually involves concepts that may be new to you. The following breaks down what you need to know.

Your Payments Reflect the Car’s Value.
What your vehicle costs determines how much you pay every month. Cars with high sales prices also have high monthly payments. If you want to save money, choose a vehicle with a lower cost.

Higher Residual Percent Saves You Money.
Any car that you lease comes with a residual value percent, which determines the depreciation over time. A higher value means that the car will be worth more to the dealer at the end of the lease. To minimize your monthly payments, go for the higher residual percentage.

Understand Your Set Miles.
Your lease specifies how many miles you can drive your car every month. You can drive over that amount but each mile that you go above that limit incurs a fee. Be sure you know the number of miles you get and how much you’ll pay if you go over them.

Expect a Disposition Fee.
Although your biggest expense in leasing a car is the monthly fee, you’ll also have to pay a disposition fee when you eventually return the vehicle. This will run from $300 to $500 and is something that cannot be skipped. Be sure to set aside money in the budget to cover this fee.

Understand What Money Factor Means.
The money factor represents the interest charged on the monthly payments of your lease. It is similar to the Annual Percentage Rate, or APR. A lower number means you pay less interest. To save the most money, look for the lowest money factor.

Is it Better to Lease or Buy a Car?
You’re obviously browsing this page because you’re looking for your own ride. While Honda Accord Car leases prove to be an excellent option for getting you a vehicle, it’s not your only choice. Buying is also a possibility. At Zoomr, we believe that you should understand both options so that you can make the best decision before finalizing a deal.

You Won’t Own the Car
Purchasing a car means that you will eventually own it after you complete all the monthly payments. You can then do what you want with it by continuing to drive it or selling it. Leasing means you’re paying for use of a vehicle. The provider continues to own the car. While Honda Accord Car leases are easier on your budget because of the lower monthly payments, you cannot sell the vehicle after the lease term is finished.

Leasing Cuts Down Up-Front Costs
If you buy a car and finance it with a loan, you not only have to pay a sizable down payment or trade in a vehicle that you own but you also owe monthly payments. With Honda Accord Car, you skip the down payment and only need to contribute the first month’s lease amount plus a security deposit. You’ll also owe some other miscellaneous fees, such as taxes and an acquisition fee. You can put some extra money in up front to reduce your monthly payments but this is not something you have to do.

No Need to Worry About Selling with Car Leases
Selling your own vehicle can be a major hassle. You need to place ads online or with the local paper, meet with prospective buyers, have them go on a test drive, and then bargain with them like a swap meet vendor. Hopefully, you will have followed a strict servicing schedule because buyers aren’t going to pay you enough as it is and will offer less if you haven’t taken care of your vehicle. You also need to process paperwork, all the while hoping that you’re not being conned with a fake payment. With a lease, you avoid all these issues because you won’t be selling your vehicle.

End Payments
When you purchase a vehicle and make the end payment, the cars is now yours. You are granted the “title,” so can use or dispose of the vehicle any way you want. With leasing, you do have the option to buy the car at the end of the lease. However, that ownership isn’t automatic and usually involves more money. You usually just return the car.

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