The newest Honda Pilot is a beast on space. Eight people can easily fit into the Pilot and go for a pleasant afternoon drive, even if that drive is a bit outside of the main roads. In other words, this is one spacious SUV and it will be ideal for large families or people who enjoy touring the countryside in a crowd. While space is one of the primary advantages of owning a Honda Pilot, it’s not the only reason to invest in this relatively expensive SUV.

Pros of owning a Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot can accurately be described as “efficient.” It knows its strengths and it is built to emphasize them. When it doesn’t play to them, it throws in a ton of options for people to choose from. Here are just a few of the many reasons to lease a Honda Pilot.

1. Tons of space: As mentioned before, this SUV easily fits 8 people.
2. If you need a mini-van but don’t want to drive a mini-van, this is your vehicle. With 3 rows of spacious seating, you’re getting the stylishness of an SUV with the space of a mini-van.
3. It accelerates with with champions of SUV accelerations. If you need to get somewhere fast with little slowdown, this is your SUV too.
4. Feels much lighter than similarly sized SUVs.
5. Newer Pilots have a high degree of comfort and accurate steering, leaving it as one of the larger SUVs that can still give you a smooth ride on most roads.

Cons of owning a Honda Pilot

Price is always going to be an issue when an SUV is this large. It is packed with amenities and features, even at its lowest trim levels, so don’t expect to get this one for cheap. If you’re willing to pay a bit more, the Pilot is an excellent choice for the road. The biggest gripes about this one will be the precision-steering which sometimes doesn’t perform the same as models of similar size and class. Another quiet gripe has been noticeable shift speed stalls at the highest transmissions (9th).

New York Honda Pilot Lease Deals

Due to the cost of the Honda Pilot, it’s advisable to lease if you’re uneasy about any of its features and perks. If you lease, you’ll only be locked into a short-term agreement that frees you at the end of it to either buy the Pilot or simply and no strings attached send it back to the lot and pick out another SUV you might like to drive. Your wallet can take a heavy hit if you’re buying the Pilot because the down payment can be astronomical.

Look instead for great lease deals. You’ll reduce your up front payment and costs and get a more reasonable monthly payment. For people that can adhere to the “set miles” agreement of a lease, Pilot leasing can be extremely inexpensive. You might even get a few tax perks for leasing as well, especially if you’re leasing these for a business.

The Honda Pilot is an excellent choice for people who need the space of a mini-van but don’t want the stigma of driving those huskier cars. It remains stylish on the outside, and while still very bulky, it’s going to give you a gentle, light ride for the most part, which is ideal if you have sleeping children in the backseat. Leasing one of these in New York is incredibly easy and gives you room to save money to buy it later down the road.

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