The Honda Pilot has been a trusted vehicle for years by some of the most advanced drivers on the road. It offers reliability, comfort and driving ease for those who are looking for a powerful four-door crossover SUV that fits their lifestyle needs beautifully. With a range of gorgeous exterior colors and numerous interior upgrades, the Honda Pilot is a fine choice for even the pickiest of drivers.

The Honda Pilot delivers in terms of specs and features. The four-door crossover SUV offers ample space for those who are looking for a comfortable ride for their family. The rear seats all fold down for easy loading and unloading, providing more space when hauling larger loads. For those with bigger families, the Honda Pilot is ideal because of its capacity and roominess. The Pilot can seat up to eight people comfortably, with safety features specifically put into place for rear passengers.

Along with its spacious interior, the Honda Pilot gets a whopping 20 MPG for city driving and 27 MPG for all highway driving. This is substantial when compared to many other SUV models on the market. The Pilot is able to tow up to 5,000 pounds, making it great for drivers who need to haul other cars and truck beds behind them.

The Honda Pilot is available in a variety of upgraded models, including the LX, EX and EX-L. Each upgraded model totes features that others do not have, so it is a matter of preference and budget concerning which one you’d like to lease.

Like every other Honda out there, the Pilot has gone through rigorous testing to ensure its safety and reliability. You can feel confident driving your family in the Honda Pilot because of how many safety features have been integrated into both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Front and side airbags keep you and your passengers safe if you should ever get involved in a collision.

Reviews and Ratings
Because the Honda Pilot is one of the most trusted vehicles on the market, it’s no surprise that it has gotten a variety of rave reviews by some of the most well-known car reviewing sites. Edmunds has given the Pilot a clear 4.3 stars out of 5 because of its safety features, size and tow capacity. Car and Driver has awarded the Pilot with 4 out of 5 stars for its key specs and upgrades. Despite the professional reviews associated with this model, you’ll also find many drivers positively reviewing the Honda Pilot because of their own experience leasing or owning it. People are often unbiased when it comes to their experience with a large and expensive machine like an automobile, so you can trust these individuals’ reviews.

Leasing the Honda Pilot
While the Honda Pilot can be quite expensive to purchase outright, leasing is often a better option because of its ease and convenience. With a lease, you will only sign a contract for a few years to have possession of the vehicle and then you have the option of leasing the same model or an entirely different one. Because the Honda Pilot is great for most individuals and their families, it makes for one of the more popular leased vehicles on the market.

The Honda Pilot does not disappoint when it comes to its features, specs, safety and beauty. You can drive in style knowing that you’re in a vehicle that has the capacity to handle anything you’re going to throw at it. Whether this is driving up to eight passengers comfortably at one time or towing a large bed in the back, the Honda Pilot is great for your everyday and not-so-ordinary needs.

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