If you are in the market to lease a subcompact SUV soon, you may be taking a closer look at what the Honda HR-V offers. There are some fabulous Los Angeles Honda HR-V lease deals that you can take advantage of through a local dealership. Before you sign your lease, however, it is important to learn more about what this vehicle offers. As is the case with all vehicles, the HR-V has both benefits and drawbacks in comparison to other vehicles in this class.

A Functional, Thoughtful Interior Design
Many drivers who take the Honda HR-V for a test drive are pleasantly surprised by how functional the interior design is. This is a relatively small vehicle, but its rear bench seats can fold down completely flat to provide you with enhanced cargo space for added utility. You will find that this is a feature that is relatively unique in this segment of the market. There are some exceptional standard features in the cabin as well, such as a rearview camera, a quality sound system, a trip computer, climate controls, power windows and door locks and more. There are also upgrades available in select trim levels, such as leather seats, keyless entry and a sunroof. These give you an extra touch of luxury on the road.

Excellent Safety Features
Many drivers in Los Angeles are concerned about safety on the road, and the HR-V is loaded with safety features that can help you to drive with confidence and peace of mind. For example, standard equipment includes airbags, traction and stability controls, brake assistance, three-point seatbelts throughout the cabin and more. Some of the upgraded trim levels have enhanced security features, such as lane assistance, which can help you to avoid collisions on the road.

Responsive Handling With Great Fuel Economy
When you take a closer look at what the Honda HR-V offers to its drivers and passengers, the overall driving experience has both pros and cons to consider. Notably, this vehicle boasts 29 miles per gallon fuel economy on average, and this makes it a true leader in its class. Many drivers also love the nimble, responsive handling of the HR-V. If you are looking for a fun vehicle to drive around the Los Angeles area in that has great fuel economy, the HR-V is a leading contender.

A Noisy, Uncomfortable Riding Experience
As beneficial as the HR-V is in many areas, there are some important drawbacks that may dissuade you from signing your lease. Many drivers and passengers have commented that the HR-V is noisy, and this can give you an uncomfortable experience on the road. The car has a continuously variable transmission, and this makes the car feel somewhat sluggish to operate. If you are looking for a car with get-up-and-go power and rapid acceleration, this may not be the right subcompact SUV for you to lease. In addition, some of the more basic trim levels have touch-screen audio controls that may be more difficult for you to use while driving down the road than knobs and buttons. The advanced trim levels, however, have a more functional audio control system.

Deciding which car to lease in the Los Angeles area is rarely easy to do. The Honda HR-V has an eye-catching, bold style that many people are instantly attracted to. However, while it does have some standout features that set it apart from the competition, it also has significant downsides that may deter you from selecting this as your preferred vehicle. It is wise to take this car for a test drive before you finalize your decision about which vehicle to lease.

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