Versatile, competent and reliable: All the values the Honda CR-V clings to, and because of following these values, the car won the 2017 10Best award. On the interior, you have supportive yet firm seating for a supple ride you can depend on. The ride from inside remains peaceful while the quality in materials remains world-class and handsome throughout. When you lease a Honda CR-V through us, we mull over every detail to ensure you get the most from and enjoy your new ride.

Staying on Top Not so Easy

Many a one-hit wonder has learned how its easy to reach the top in comparison to remaining there when all the others are also competing for it. The same remains true for automakers, and they have to calculate everything correctly to stay on top. As the uninspired 2012 Honda Civic can attest to, you can’t alienate your car buyers, and Honda was not about to risk the same mistake with the top-of-the-charts Honda CR-V crossover. This has been such a popular car that they have sold over four million units since 1997. For that reason, it should come as little surprise how the 2017 Honda CR-V has customers lining up to lease it. On our website, we have seen a lot of customers who want the popular 2017 Honda CR-V.

Origins of the Honda CR-V

In almost every respect, the Honda CR-V resembles the Honda Civic because automakers designed it based on the platform of the Civic. Nevertheless, the Honda CR-V has slightly bigger dimensions. For example, it measures 104.7 inches from the wheelbase. This compared to the previous model which measured 103.1 inches. Meanwhile, the LED daytime running looks have become the standard kit, and this means 17 or 18-inch aluminum wheels.

Inside the Honda CR-V

The interior looks familiar to the Civic when you look at the ergonomics and layout. However, the depth of detail and the material quality has been taken up a level in the CR-V. If you ask for the Touring version, the seats have leather upholstery that feels and fits a lot like some of the others in its price class. The faux-wood accents add nicely to the rest of the interior, and it screams quality even when you look at everything else offered. The cup holders in this vehicle have also been improved and so has the interior. The famous infotainment system of Honda is also present, and it is a touchscreen that performs almost all the essential functions. Equally impressive is the level of effort Honda made to lower the noise levels in the interior. When riding at 70 miles per hour, the decibels measure in at 69. Since the 2015 CR-V Touring AWD, that’s a two decibel decrease.

Why Lease a Honda CR-V in Los Angeles?

As far as crossovers go, the Honda CR-V looks fantastic, and you have a car that you can depend on. We recommend leasing because you don’t have to pay as much money upfront. We will work monthly payments with you on the lease, and we will negotiate with the leasing company to get you the best deal on your next lease.

People have chosen to lease through us because of our honesty, and we offer a special way of leasing a vehicle. Instead of having to visit the lot in person, the process of leasing your next CR-V involves clicking into our webpage and looking at our offers. Once you have the vehicle you want, we will deliver it to your home or workplace. A lease lets you pay the depreciation on the car, rather than having to fork over hard-earned money for the entire purchase price.

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