Here’s a great article by Adam Cohen, a trusted and well known personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. Car accidents occur every single day. No car accident victim expects to be involved in an accident when they get up and begin their day, but the sad fact is many people fail to drive properly and cause accidents. It’s not your fault when someone hits you, but the inconvenience, the pain, and the suffering you experience are very real. It’s unfair, and it’s even more unfair when someone else causes and accident and someone you love dies as a result. In the legal world, this is called wrongful death. Wrongful death is defined as any death caused by the negligent actions of someone else. In most cases, the person accused of causing the death didn’t set out with the intention of taking someone’s life, but their negligent actions caused this to occur.

Losing a loved one is the most difficult and devastating thing you’ll ever experience. You can’t undo it, and nothing can change the fact someone you love is gone. What we can do, however, is file a lawsuit for a wrongful death case and see if we can help you receive compensation for the loss you’ve suffered.

What Damages Can I Get in A Wrongful Death Suit?

When you file a wrongful death suit, it won’t bring back your loved one. Winning this case won’t take away your pain and suffering, but it can help ease the financial burden of loss.

– Pain and suffering
– Medical bills
– Lost wages
– Burial and funeral costs

When you file a wrongful death suit, you’re able to ask for damages such as these. The pain and suffering you experience is worth financial compensation. The medical bills you accrued from injuries sustained during the accident as well as surgeries and/or treatment performed in an effort to keep your loved one alive are both reasons to file a lawsuit. If the person you lost in this accident was a contributing member of the household finances, seeking lost wages helps ease the financial burden.

The average cost of a funeral and burial begins at more than $10,000 and only gets more expensive as you add to it. You were not expecting to pay for this at this point in your life, and it’s a financial burden. The person who caused your accident is responsible for compensating you so you aren’t stuck with a financial burden for the rest of your life. It doesn’t change the loss you’ve suffered, but it does relieve the financial stress of the accident.

Burden of Proof

When someone else causes an accident in which your loved one dies, there is a burden of proof required by law. This burden of proof is the biggest issue associated with any legal case involving wrongful death. Our bicycle accident attorneys are required to prove the negligent driver’s actions are the direct cause of death. The proof that they did something wrong is not always easy to prove if they weren’t doing anything obvious. This is why it’s imperative you hire an attorney to help with your case. The burden of proof is not easy to prove.

There are instances when it is easier to prove than others. When a driver is drunk and medical tests prove he or she was drunk at the time of the accident, it’s easy to show burden of proof. If he or she was merely speeding or changing lanes inappropriately and no witnesses are available, it’s more difficult.

You won’t get back the person you lost, but you can find a way to take away some of the debt and financial burden you were left with when your loved one passed. It’s not something you can do alone, and it’s not a fast process. A lawsuit of this magnitude involves living this horror story until your case is closed, but it’s going to help your family survive when the bills begin to appear and the money your loved one provided is no longer around to help you pay them. It’s a difficult time in your life, and we want to help you find the time to properly grieve by handling your legal matters on your behalf.

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