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NYC Ford Explorer Lease Deals

NYC Ford Explorer Lease Deals

The Ford Explorer has been a mainstay in crossover SUVs for decades. They’re popular for their sporty look and their roomy interior. Americans are still obsessed with SUVs and crossovers, and Ford continues to deliver with the fourth-generation Explorer.

The new Ford Explorer features a roomy cabin that seats seven. The three rows of seats makes plenty of room for cargo and passengers alike. Behind the seats is a huge space for cargo, and the third row has power-folding technology for even more interior storage.

The cabin of the Ford Explorer is quiet, with hardly any outside noise when the windows and doors are closed. The 2018 model comes with interiors in four colors: blue metallic, cinnamon glaze, burgundy velvet tinted clearcoat and platinum dune tricoat. According to Edmunds, the cabin is made of quality materials.

The Ford Explorer has also received a 5-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, making it a safe choice for families and new drivers. The optional blind-spot monitors provides extra safety on the road.

Buyers have many more options when it comes to buying a new Ford Explorer. The newest model offers the latest in vehicle technology, such as Wi-Fi and driver assists. There are also five options for trim, from the base level to Platinum level. Depending on the trim level, many optional features are available. This includes a 8-inch rear-seat entertainment system, heating steering wheel and navigation. Heated and cooled seats keep the cabin comfortable in all seasons. These extra features add onto the price tag of the vehicle, but they make the driving experience so much better.

Edmunds says that the best trim level is Sport. The Sport trim level has easy handling and a great steering response due to the larger motor. Both the Sport and the Platinum level come with a twin-turbocharged engine that produces 365 horsepower and all-wheel drive

The lower trim levels come with standard V6 engine that produces 290 horsepower, but an optional fuel-efficient engine maxes at 280 horsepower with 22 miles per gallon on average. All the engines have excellent acceleration and handling, making it a smooth drive both on the highway and in the dirt.

At the Sport and Platinum levels, drivers will be happy with the feel of the Ford Explorer. It competes with luxury SUVs in the quality of materials and performance.

Economically-conscious consumers may be happy to learn that the Ford Explorer is built in a Chicago assembly plant, so, like many Ford vehicles, it supports American jobs.

Though the Ford Explorer starts at over $46,000, consumers on a budget can also benefit from lease deals for the Ford Explorer. NYC Ford Explorer lease deals make the vehicle more affordable, so you can add on all of the optional features you want

Overall, the Ford Explorer is a great car for families due to its roomy interior and its high safety rating. The high amount of customizability makes it ideal for buyers who want a luxury car with a lower price tag.