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NYC BMW 3 Series Lease Deals

NYC BMW 3 Series Lease Deals

Whether you’re looking to step into the realm of luxury-class sedans for the very first time or have already experienced the kind of difference build quality can make in your daily driver, the BMW 3 series is a solid place to begin. Not only is it attractively affordable, it offers up both speed and control without requiring professional driving experience to control and easily slides back into city driving functions when required.

Statistics and Specifications

The BMW 3 series offers up options galore between its five available engines and three available body styles. The 2017 BMW 330i Automatic offers a strong starting point, offering up a four cylinder, two liter supercharged engine that manages a zero to 60 time of 5.4 seconds. At the same time, it manages a respectable city and highway fuel economy rate of 23 and 34 miles per gallon, respectively; If you want something both quick and efficient, the 330i is a great place to start.

After taking it out for a few fun laps, the softer side of its features come out. With seating capacity for five it can handle a modestly-sized family with no real hiccups. The ride is smooth, and it’s not equipped with rough racing shocks that make you regret how stiff the suspension is. Even if the unthinkable happens and you wind up in an accident, the 3 series’ crash safety test ratings are a strong indicator of the attention paid to keeping everyone safe: It’s well rated in every category and goes above and beyond for its protection in the event of a front-end collision.

Preparing for the Future

Having options for diesel and hybrid engines opens up the door to better fuel mileage and longevity, among other benefits, and a proper electric model rests just beyond the horizon. Considering BMW hopes to go toe-to-toe with Tesla’s comparatively more expensive electric options with its 3 series, you’d have to think they have some pricing or performance tricks up their sleeve to tempt faithfuls back to a solid luxury-class car that isn’t quite so hard on the wallet.

So with an electric option just around the corner in the next run of 3 series, now is a fantastic time to consider future-proofing your vehicle and lessening your dependence on the rise and fall of gas prices; Of course, if you just can’t live without the rumble of an engine, you won’t be shamed for opting for one of BMW’s many other engine options.

If that isn’t enough, the 3 series holds its value well much like its brother and sister series. Historically, the 3 series is the most popular by wide margin and enjoys slower depreciation which gives it a serious boost in how attractive an investment one can be.

Options and Accessories

Nothing about the 3 series’ options seems excessive or out of place in its lineup. Leather trip, backup cameras, sonar parking distance assistance, heated seats, and built-in navigation options let you decide just what you need for your vehicle and what you can do without to save a few dollars.

So if you’re still considering whether or not a BMW 3 series is the right choice for you, consider just how safe and affordable they are without being dangerous or distressingly extravagant. It’s perfect for the single driver businessman on the go or even a small family and blends into either role just as easily as could be.

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