What Makes Up Zooomr

Automobile purchase and hire is a rather straining and tiresome exercise. Unlike other car dealerships, we as Zooomr have developed a method that makes it easier for you as our customer to complete any given vehicular transactions in a timely and simplistic manner. As a reputable company, we help all our clients find the right automobiles for their needs at suitable prices. The reason behind this is because we as Zooomr have formed partnerships with car dealerships within the City of Los Angeles so that we can not only provide for you quality vehicles but also guarantee you that all our transactions are legitimate.

What Makes Zooomr Unique

Although involved in vehicular sales, Zooomr is neither a car dealer nor broker. It is just a medium that helps people get quality cars within the shortest time possible. Also, we help you acquire an automobile at a fair price since we deal with many car dealerships that compete against each other so as to have their products move fast in the local market.

Home delivery: Whenever you purchase something, you prefer having it delivered right to your doorstep. The same applies to Zooomr. We pride ourselves to seeing to it that a given vehicle is brought right to your door, whether it is on hire or through purchase, so as to create convenience for you.

Zooomr always delivers on its promises: When we make a commitment to you, we labor tooth and nail until we have achieved what you as our client sent us to do. Also, we can get you the automobile of your choice as agreed on, at a price highly convenient to you.

Car auction: We never shy from a bidding process. Zooomr always encourages multiple bids so that in the end we can get you, our customer, and the right price for your vehicle.

Time efficient: Since you have chosen to trust and hire us, we do all necessary negotiations on your behalf and even close transaction deals thus saving you from a lot of agonies.

Coming To Terms With The Word, Lease

A car lease refers to two things. First and foremost, an automobile lease relates to the renting of a particular vehicle from a car dealership, at a specified fee and for a given amount of time. Secondly, motor refers to the sum of money paid by a lessee to a vehicle dealership company, to act as compensation for the number of mileage one is planning to cover using the automobile during the hiring period. Financial compensation is imperative since an increase in distance causes the relative value of a given vehicle to depreciate. In times when you plan to cover more mileage than was agreed on, you are compelled to pay the dealership more money to cover up for the extra distance.

Benefits Of Car Leasing

There are many advantages when it comes to car leasing. For instance, vehicle leasing allows you to use the car of your dreams. Such flexibility in use comes about since leased vehicles only cost a person less money as compared to instances when one chooses to purchase a new car. Besides, there is less financial strain involved when you decide to lease a vehicle rather than buying it using hire purchase. The reason behind this because renting a car calls for a lower down payment as compared to that involved in the acquisition of a brand new automobile. The car dealership always secures insurance for their leased vehicles. As a result, you as the lessee are not compelled to set aside money for obtaining a cheap insurance cover for the automobile. When it comes to regular maintenance, leased cars demand less money as compared to purchased vehicles. The reason as to why this is the case is because the responsibility of maintaining a hired car rests entirely on the leasing agency. The car dealership also takes care of any impromptu repairs. Also, leased vehicles are always recalled way before their scheduled maintenance period elapses. Unlike a purchased vehicle, cars acquired through a lease give you the option to change wheels whenever the need arises. Moreover, it is much easier to get rid of a hired vehicle as opposed to a privately owned vehicle. A car under hire remains property to the automotive dealership.

Things To Know Before Leasing A Car

Lease Price: The rental price for a car is subject to the actual value of the vehicle at the time. Thus, the higher the car’s value, the higher the lease price will be.

Overall Value and Cost: When a car is under hire while relatively new, one is compelled to pay a certain fee that is slightly lower as opposed to if the automobile was old. This deviation in pricing is because the depreciation value between a new and old car is indirectly proportional to its leasing price.

Designated mileage: People usually hire vehicles for months on end. Before getting allocated a given vehicle, they have to state the total number of miles they plan to cover by the end of their journey so that it can be billed and then receipted. If the mileage value ends up being more than was anticipated, one is expected to pay extra fees to compensate for the additional distance. It is, therefore, necessary for a lessee to plan his journey beforehand so that he can know the average amount of kilometers he intends to cover every month so as to avoid additional penalties.

Refurbishing fee: After the expiration of the lease period, you are expected to a minimum fee of three hundred dollars to the car dealership so as to cater for vehicular cleaning costs.

Exchange rate: The higher the exchange rate at the time, the more money you will pay so as to lease a vehicle.

Which One Is Better; Car Lease Or Purchase

You should always be knowledgeable before committing to the hire or purchase of an automobile in Los Angeles. Lucky enough, Zooomr is always around to help you out.

Ownership Details

When you purchase a car, that vehicle belongs to you and is your private property. For this reason, it costs you more. However, a hired car is the asset of the owner of a car dealership, the reason as to why it costs you less.


Since buying a vehicle is very costly, you might decide to pay a deposit and then complete the debt owned later on. Also, you might trade-in your vehicle and add some extra money on top so as to get a new automobile. However, leasing does not necessarily encourage you to pay a deposit. But if there is a need for a down payment, the initial month’s rent is a must.

Automobile Value

If you own a car, you will most likely be worried about its resale value. However, people who lease vehicles have nothing to worry since they are not the rightful proponents to these cars.

Full Payment

It is only after full payment that you are then given the vehicle’s logbook as proof of ownership. However, leased vehicles have to be taken to the car dealership after the hiring period is over. At other times, lessees might decide to purchase rented vehicle during or after the renting period.